B. Simone Declares She No Longer Attracts BS Men Because She’s Stop Being On BS Herself

Comedian and social media/television personality B. Simone is seriously over and done with all f-boys. For many years, the comedian has expressed disdain for those individuals. But during her recent discussion with Cam Newton on his Funky Fridays Podcast, she talked about what she’s looking for in her future partner.

B. Simone has often spoken about how destructive men considered being f-boys are. Going back to 2016, she uploaded a video to her social media expressing how great life was going until an individual highlighting those characteristics usurped her life.

But B. Simone has got her mind right and has no time for any f-boys. She appeared on Newton’s Podcast and declared she’s “single and ready to mingle.” Simone then directed Newton’s male viewers to shoot her a DM, but there is one caveat. You have to be on top of your game and not about the BS because B. Simone has done her best to remove those aspects from her life.

“I’ve actually stopped attracting [BS] because I’ve stopped being on [BS],” B. Simone said to Cam Newton. According to the Wild ‘N Out star, the BS she refers to includes all that is “surface level” with no depth, “temporary” thrills, and others of the like. She admits to going through a stage in her life where she dabbled in whatever fun she wanted to have.  

However, she claims that she reached a point where she had to assess her goals and if she was doing the things to achieve them. As it pertained to finding a husband, B. Simone admitted that she was “not acting like a wife.” She also realized that she was dating men that knowingly had commitment issues. The comedian confessed she chose to “entertain the fun time.”

Now that she’s single, B. Simone expressed that she’s been celibate for some time as she continues to shift her life. She claims she’s been focusing on herself and choosing to grow rather than repeat her old ways. At the same time, she speaks on the high demands that some women may have for their potential partners but haven’t done the self-work to become a better version of themselves. She then advises women who are searching for a particular type of partner. “You want this type of man? Well, what type of woman does he need to have by his side? Become that woman,” she said.

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