B. Simone Now ‘Bald’ After Chopping Off Her Hair To Support Sister Battling TSW

When it comes to hard times such as health issues, who better to support you than your own family? The sister to B. Simone, Jordyn Geneive, is going through one of the roughest periods of her life. But thankfully, standing right next to her in her healing journey is her sister and she’s debuting a new look. If you see the influencer with shorter hair, here’s why.

If you are one of B. Simone’s 5.6 million followers on Instagram, you’ve noticed that her mane has been noticeably shorter. On Monday, November 22, B. Simone offered an emotional explanation to her followers on social media. “My sister is pretty sick,” B. Simone began. “She has been going through something called ‘TSW’ for a year.” Short for Topical Steroid Withdrawal, the National Eczema Association describes TSW as “a serious potential side effect of topical steroid use that is not readily recognized by patients and providers.” It normally occurs when patients who use a topical steroid have stopped applying it and the abnormal side effects of stopping the usage arise within days or weeks.

With India Arie’s I Am Not My Hair, B. Simone begins to explain how TSW is damaging her sister’s body and skin. Jordyn Geneive then shows her hands so that the public can see how raw they have become. Jordyn Genieve then describes what she has been experiencing due to the disorder. “Yeah so, my face is really red,” Genieve states. Along with the redness, Genieve states that her face is also inflamed and she is dealing with excessive dryness.

She then moves on to how it’s affecting her body saying that it is also really dry as well. “I’m just really uncomfortable. I’ve been uncomfortable this whole year,” Geneive admits. At the same time, she shows a black glove that she puts on in order to protect her hands.

“Nobody really knows what she goes through but her, and I see it a little bit secondhand because she’s lived with me ][for] a little bit,” B. Simone adds. Not only has Jordyn Geneive had to quit working, but she’s also had to move in with her sister and her grandmother as her body heals.

B. Simone then reveals that two days ago, her sister decided to cut her hair off due to it being more comfortable for her. “So, when she sent me the video of her cutting her hair, I knew in that moment in my spirit, it told me to do it with her,” she added. She then proceeded to book her sister a flight from Dallas to Atlanta so that she could be present when she cuts her hair. Although she’s been growing her hair for about a year now, she’s ready to cut it now for this reason.

B. Simone proceeds to brush her hair on the video while her sister looks on and gets more emotional. She mentions cutting a bit of her hair the night before, but she ceased so that her sister could be there. While uttering her love for her sister repeatedly, she then sections her hair before holding it up and taking scissors to her hair. “I love you! Oh my God, wow!” B. Simone says as she cuts her hair.

The love and support continues in B. Simone’s caption of the emotional video. “I love you baby [Jordyn Geneive] and as long as I’m living you’ll never go through anything alone,” she wrote. The influencer also acknowledges that while she cannot go through TSW with her sister, she will accompany her within this “journey” that she’s facing. “What better way to start off and to cut off the dead weight,” she adds. “I’m so proud of you and nobody understands what you’ve been going through for the past year. I see you fight every single day and you look more beautiful to me now than ever. It’s just hair, keep focusing on your spirit. I love you from the bottom of my heart to the depths of my soul.”

B. Simone went on to admit in her caption that the shedding of her hair left her feeling “more beautiful and free” than ever before. “Thank you to my sister for giving me the courage to cut my hair while loving her,” she expressed. Prayers to Jordyn Geneive on her healing journey!

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