B. Simone Under Fire For Asking Fans To Pay & Subscribe To Close Friends If They Want To See Her Grieve Loss Of Jacky Oh

Jacky Oh!’s passing has been dominating headlines. The happy mother of three was looking to get a mommy makeover but unfortunately died following her surgery.

Close family and friends have slowly begun releasing statements on the matter, with many looking to see what her best friend, B. Simone, would have to say following this devastating loss. Unfortunately, they will have to subscribe to find out.

Social media influencer B. Simone has been selling access to her Instagram Close Friends for over a year now. IG Close Friends is a private story that only people you select can have access to.

Much like Snapchat, it is a place for people to share things between select groups. As an “influencer,” Simone has used this tool as a way to give people VIP access to her life at a fee.

For $9.99, people can access Simone’s private feed. Following the passing of Jacky Oh!, B took to her story to let fans know that she would be using the feature more often going forward, and those interested in following her life needed to subscribe.

“If you’re not on my close friends, your not going to see much of my life during this time. Close friends, I love you…thank you for being a safe space,” she shared with a link to her website to sign up.

The timing of it all seemed really strange, with some thinking she was selling front-row tickets to watch her grieve her friend. “B. Simone is asking for ppl to pay for access to her close friends as she ‘grieves her friend’ Jacky

Oh. How you could even bring yourself to use your friend’s passing as a means to get ppl to pay for your close friends is insanity. This is beyond low and disgusting.”

She has since deleted the post and shared a video of her and Jacky Oh popping bottles instead, mixed in with promotion for her book and a new show. S

he has also shared DC Youngfly’s post and a video of him and Jacky Oh caught on the big screen at a basketball game.

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