B2K’s Raz-B Placed On Psych Hold After Breaking Hospital Window And Climbing Onto Roof

B2K’s Raz-B has fans concerned today after he reportedly broke out of his hospital and climbed up to the roof.

The You Got Served star has been struggling with mental health issues for years now, but many were not aware that things had taken a turn for the worst recently.

Raz B has been trying to rebuild his life, recently finding his stride with The Zues Network and their Bad Boys series. Most recently, he came face to face with fellow troubled child star Orlando Brown and the two shared some pretty intense moments where Raz called Brown “messy.”

Nearby in the same scene was Kerrion Franklin, son of Kirk Franklin. All these boys could probably benefit more from mental health than being on television, and fans agree. “These boys need help,” one fan said under a clip from the show. “This is so chaotic,” said another.

Whatever is happening on screen, it pales in comparison to the real-life rollercoaster Raz-B has been on. It’s been reported that he was recently prepping for surgery in Kansas City, MO. While there, Raz decided to break out of his room and force himself onto the roof of the building.

Onlookers say that they saw him approach the edge of the building in a blue hospital outfit. Police and the fire department all responded to the scene, and TMZ shared a video of Raz appearing to scale the building and looking downward. It’s unclear if he had plans to jump, but they placed mats down below, just in case.

A negotiator was called in and was able to talk Raz off the ledge. He was eventually placed in a psych hold to prevent him from harming himself.

Hours earlier, Raz posted videos online claiming that he did not feel safe while at a nearby hotel in Kansas City. “I’ve been fighting to stay alive; I don’t wanna have this surgery here,” he said in his post.

Friends in the comments try to console him, including Natalie Nunn. “Call me, r u ok?” His brother Ricky Romance gave fans an update after Raz was brought down from the ledge, but no further reports have been made.

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