Bakribi’s playground is now like grazing land!

Academic buildings are now almost deserted. There is silence all around. Playgrounds are no longer as crowded as they used to be. The grass in the field has become dense due to lack of walking. With this opportunity, the playgrounds have turned into grazing lands for the free movement of cows and goats.

Outsiders are using these fields as a place to feed their cows and goats. Such an environment has been created in Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAKRUBI) as educational institutions are closed in Corona.

Bakrbi has a stadium and five playgrounds for students to play. The playgrounds are occupied by cows and goats in the empty campus. Anyone who sees the free movement of cattle can mistaken the playgrounds for grazing lands. Sometimes cattle even enter the residential hall. It is known that various problems are being caused including destruction of plants in the garden of the hall. Cattle droppings everywhere also create problems for pedestrians.

A pedestrian named Samiul Alam said, I have to go to the office this way every day. Due to the excrement of cattle, it is very difficult to walk. Sometimes a herd of cattle stands in the middle of the road. Then there is also the problem of driving vehicles.

University Proctor Professor. Azharul Haque said they took the opportunity mainly because the campus was empty because of Corona. I will talk to the security branch. I hope this problem will be solved very soon.

Incidentally, after the first corona patient was identified on March 6 last year, all educational institutions have been closed since March 16. However, the students of this university want to stop the free movement of cattle with the renovation of the playgrounds. They have also been seen expressing their displeasure through social media at different times.

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