Bangladesh wants to play the remaining three matches of the World Cup qualifiers at home

The big question now is where the remaining matches of the Qatar-2022 World Cup qualifiers will be. In a letter to the AFC, Oman has offered to play the rest of Group E matches at home. Oman has expressed its interest to other countries in the group. Bangladesh, of course, said no to the proposal. Afghanistan has told AFC that it will not come to Bangladesh to play the match on March 25. All in all, there is a governing body of Asian football. They have written to Bangladesh, India, Oman, Afghanistan and Qatar asking them to state their positions. The AFC will decide on the remaining matches if the countries give their opinion by February 10.

“We are writing to the AFC and FIFA on Tuesday. Our position is the same as before. Our remaining 3 matches are at home. I want to play on my own field. That’s what we’re telling AFC and FIFA, “said BFF general secretary. Abu Naim Sohag. If for some reason the March game is not possible, the AFC will host all the matches in June. The governing body of Asian football has also informed that the matches will be held at the Central Venue. Because, AFC will finish all the selection matches by June.

The rest of Bangladesh’s matches in the World Cup and Asian Cup qualifiers are against Afghanistan, Oman and India. Bangladesh had four matches left before the suspension in Corona, but after the situation improved a bit, Bangladesh came to Doha on December 4 to play against Qatar. Bangladesh has only 1 point in five matches. Bangladesh got the point by drawing 1-1 with India in Kolkata. The other four matches were lost. Qatar is at the top with 16 points in 6 matches. Oman is in second place with 12 points, Afghanistan is in third place with 4 points and India is in fourth place with 3 points.

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