Beyonce Has Mentioned Many Names I’m Her Music, But Monica Lewinsky Wants Hers Removed

Beyonce’s latest album, Renaissance, has received rave reviews from fans and critics alike. However, it’s only been a few days, and there’s been controversy surrounding her seventh studio album. The controversy began with Kelis being upset that the singer sampled her song on a record called, Energy. According to Kelis, Beyonce should have reached out to her to inform her on the decision. Following that fallout, Beyonce was hit with more criticism after the disabled community noticed she used the word ‘Spazz’ on one of her records. With all of the controversy, it’s been revealed that Beyonce has not only removed the word ‘Spazz’ from the album, but the Partition singer was also rumored to have Kelis’ removed from the album, but the rumor was later debunked. But some people are still taking issue with Beyonce, and now Monica Lewinsky is calling for her to remove her name from her ‘Partition’ song.

There have been many cases where Beyonce has name-dropped celebrities and other prominent figures in her songs. However, the Houston native doesn’t have far to look as she is part of a family full of stars in their own right.   For example, Beyonce gave the nod to the woman that is the reason for her existence, Tina Knowles-Lawson. On her Grammy Award-winning song with Megan Thee Stallion, “Savage (Remix),” the Houston native lets the world know who the original is. “And my mama was a savage, n***a got this s**t from Tina.” Enough said.

Funny enough, Mama Knowles seemed unaware she would be included in one of her daughter’s lyrics. During a CBS News interview, Tina Knowles-Lawson shared that she told Beyonce how “proud” of her she was. She states Beyonce responded that she “wanted to be like [her mother].” In addition, Tina Knowles-Lawson shared that people began texting her and calling her a savage, initially confusing her. But after seeing videos of people dancing and seeing that it was a “good thing,” Mama Knowles reflected on times when she was referred to as the “cool” mom, doing things like transporting Kelly and Beyonce to school.

Speaking of Kelly Rowland, her name was famously and ingeniously included as a lyric to Beyonce’s acclaimed single “Brown Skin Girl.” But the Destiny’s Child bandmate wasn’t the only one gifted that honor. Actress Lupita N’yongo and legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell can also be heard in the song’s lyrics.   “Pose like a trophy when Naomi’s walk in. She need an Oscar for that pretty dark skin. Pretty like Lupita when the cameras close in. Drip broke the levee when my Kellys roll in,” sings Beyonce. All three women can also be seen in the song’s music video, along with Blu Ivy, who also sings in the song.

Jay-Z has also caught some direct and indirect shots. They have featured on multiple songs together, but Beyonce referenced her husband several times. From “Flawless,” where she sings that Jay-Z makes her “feel so [expletive] fine,” to name-dropping him on “Deja Vu,” where she tells him, “let’s go get ’em.” Beyonce also seems to reference Jordyn Woods on the new album, Renaissaince. On the song “Thique,” she raps “That’s that Jordy,” which fans took note of. Jordyn Woods also seems to reference that she’s the one

But out of all the “shout outs,” Monica Lewinsky wasn’t thrilled with her name on one of Beyonce’s famous singles. In “Partition,” she refers to an intimate moment with her partner. “He popped all my buttons, and he ripped my blouse. He Monica Lewinsky-ed all on my gown,” she sang.  

With the news of Beyonce removing the “spaz” lyric from her song, Monica Lewinsky took to Twitter to suggest the singer retroactively remove her name from the “Partition” lyric. Meanwhile, this is not Lewinsky’s first mention in song lyrics. G-Eazy released a song named after her in 2014. In addition, Migos references her in their single “Wrist Game.” She’s also name-dropped in a slew of other Hip-Hop songs. Of course, members of the Beyhive and others on Twitter slammed Monica Lewinsky for aiming to target Beyonce. So perhaps she should’ve sat this one out.

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