Blueface Approves Of Chrisean Rock Continuing To Smoke While Carrying Baby, Calls It Normal

Chrisean Rock was recently spotted smoking while pregnant.

Blueface and Chrisean may always be at odds, but that does not mean he cannot defend his lady. The toxic couple is expecting their first child together this year and has been in the headlines for their fighting and antics. The latest, Chrisean Rock was seen smoking while pregnant. Blueface seemingly responded to the backlash on social media this week.

It was only a week or two ago that Chrisean was seen trying to set their house on fire. According to Blueface, he walked into the house to his pregnant girlfriend trying to burn his record plaques.

In a separate video, Chrisean called out Blueface for “ruining their bag” after he got upset over a text exchange between her and Lil Baby. She also claimed Blueface was jealous of her success and wanted to dim her light since she was getting more bookings than him. Despite all the fighting, Chrisean said she was keeping her baby.

Chrisean got some backlash after fans saw her smoking weed while pregnant. Her baby daddy came to her defense, tweeting, “Lots of women smoke weed until their last trimester; there is no effect. Don’t shoot the messenger.”

He then followed this up with, “I’m only tweeting the truth whether it’s In her favor or not. I’m not bias.” I guess that last tweet makes it clear that they are still not on the best terms, but Blueface’s only concern is getting the facts out.

Women in the comments chimed in on smoking weed while pregnant. “I smoked with 3 out of 5! 1 daughter graduating college next semester had three scholarships, and my second daughter is about to do the same thing,” said one woman.

“Yeah, Ppl need to stop acting like weed is a hard-core drug. It actually helped me out during one pregnancy when my grandmother passed!!” she continued.

Another fan commented with, “Mind y’all business about females and what we do with our body!! If I wanna get some ass shots ima get em. if I wanna go green with bam bam so be it.”

Chrisean has not weighed in and was last seen twerking while boarding a private jet with Natalie Nunn.

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