Blueface Arrested On Robbery Charges, Days After Erykah Badu Tells Universe “Do Your Thing” On Rapper

It was announced earlier today that Blueface was arrested in Vegas after violating his bail.

The violation reportedly came in the form of him trying to break up a fight between his pregnant girlfriend, Chrisean, and a heckler at The Palms casino. Now it is coming out that the arrest actually stems from something else, a robbery. 

According to TMZ, Blueface was actually in court today for a preliminary hearing in connection to his attempted murder charge from last year. While there, police claim that he was the catalyst for an alleged robbery. Not a lot of additional information is available on the arrest, and his lawyers, Lisa Rasmussen and Kristina Wildeveld, told news outlets, “We look forward to vigorously defending him on both cases.”

It was only two days ago that R&B icon Erykah Badu spoke out about Blueface and his treatment of his girlfriend, Chrisean Rock. Under a post of Blueface laying in bed with several pregnant women, Badu commented that the “Thotiana” hitmaker was “trash.” She followed this up with, “Universe, do your thing.” 

Apparently, fans think Badu might truly be a witch because they have taken to the comments of Blue’s current arrest, giving Erykah full credit. “Damn, how much Ms.Badu charge? Her voodoo work fast af!!😮” said one person.

Singer Lil Mo commented, “The universe is doing its thing chiiiiiiieee!!! @erykahbadu I got some people I need you to let the universe know it’s UP for they @ss 🥳🥳🥳.” 

Meanwhile, his girlfriend, Chrisean, seems unfazed on social media. She shared a video of herself boarding a plane to Miami. “Onnnaaa way Miami ya’ll ready?” She said in one slide before sharing a photo of Oreos and milk in the second. “Amen,” she captioned it. It’s unclear if she is celebrating her snack or the recent trouble her man has gotten into. 

Rock is scheduled to appear at FLA Live Arena on Sunday, June 11th, as part of a Zeuz Network event. Fans in her comments taunted the budding star with replies like “What exactly will we be paying for, two songs?” Another person says “You gone pay us to take a ticket right cause 🫣 ain’t nobody paying to see this 😵‍💫”

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