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Boosie Badazz Accused Of Holding Weekly Meetings With VLAD To Discuss Lil Nas X

The saga continues in the feud between Lil Nas X and Boosie Badazz. Months of unnecessary back and forth have been going on between the rapper and pop star, which has left Badazz with increasing backlash. As Lil Nas X celebrates being one of the most nominated LGBTQ artists at the upcoming Grammy Awards, Boosie Badazz is back on VLAD TV to once again, speak on Montero.

Boosie Badazz has held what now seems to be a personal vendetta against the “Call Me By Your Name (Montero)” artist ever since the release of the song and its visual. While many view what Lil Nas X has been doing as simply him living freely, Boosie Badazz feels as though he’s doing more damage than good. In true Lil Nas X form, a bit of “innocent” trolling from the rap/singer would only rile Badazz up even more.

But with all of the back and forth, along with explanations from both parties on The Breakfast Club, nothing could have prepared anyone for Boosie Badazz’s homophobic and insulting rant against Lil Nas X recently. When the Grammy-nominated rapper hopped on to Instagram Live to jokingly reveal that he would soon be releasing a collaboration with the “Retalliation” rapper, he responded full of vitriol, including telling him to take his own life.

With all the hoopla surrounding the beef between the two rappers, Lil Nas X recently stated in an Instagram Live session that he was “bored” with it and promised that he was going to “leave it alone”. Perhaps Boosie Badazz didn’t get that message because he’s standing by his comments as per his latest multi-part interview with DJ Vlad.

In the latest clip released by VLAD TV, the rapper is asked whether he would feel bad if Lil Nas X were to take his own life as per his request. Boosie responds that he would “probably feel bad,” however, he probably would not care due to what he feels as “bullying.” Badazz refers to comments that Lil Nas X made while on The Breakfast Club recently where the “Old Town Road” singer stated that he does not feel the need to tone his artistry down for the sake of children. To put it simply, “F— yo kids,” Lil Nas X said. His reasoning is because he feels that with this one life that we have, one should live it to the fullest and happiest extent possible.

This sentiment did not sit well with Badazz. Boosie feels that others should also not stand beside Lil Nas X as he feels that the statement was insulting to concerned parents. He continues to refer to it as “bullying” and states that had the tables been turned and he said those words, it would be different. Boosie then concludes his response by saying that doubling down that he would not care much for anyone who makes a statement like that. Listen below to Boosie’s expletive-laden remarks on Lil Nas X.

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