Bow Wow Urges Nelly To Marry Ashanti and Stop Wasting Her Time: “You’re 50 Playing Games, This Is Your Queen”

The rap boys are getting older and very opinionated.

Despite being the youngest of the pack, Shad “Bow Wow” Moss seems to be the most eager to “school” his older homies on what they should be doing now that they are approaching their half-life mark. Bow Wow recently took aim at “Country Grammer” hitmaker Nelly and advised him that he needs to hurry up and lock down Ashanti if he knows what is good for him.

Ashanti and Nelly recently posted up ringside with Shad’s former mentor Jermaine Dupri. Ashanti and Nelly have not been super shy about the fact that they are rekindling their romance after splitting over a decade ago. Under a post of the couple getting seated, Moss commented, “Yo mo! I know we not seeing eye to eye either really but from lil bro to big bro STOP PLAYING AND MARRY THIS WOMAN BRO!” He went on to joke that Nelly is approaching 50 and needs to “sit his old a** down.” He concluded with, “This is your queen.”

The “not seeing eye to eye either” is an obvious reference to Bow Wow’s ongoing issues with Jermaine Dupri. The former child star has been opening up about their relationship and how he feels Jermaine has taken a lot of credit for his success.

In the comments, most people seemed to support Bow Wow’s statement. One person said, “He said what most of y’all are thinking though 🫣👀,” while another chimed in, “I mean did he lie?” Is it time for Nelly and Ashanti to make it official?

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