Boxing Champion Mike Tyson Has A New Challenger

Mike Tyson has taken on many people in the ring, but his latest opponent might be his most unique to date. The heavyweight champion recently got on the wrong side of internet personality, Dr. Umar Johnson. He took to his social media to ask some of the boxing greats to come in and train him to take on Mike Tyson because he wants all the smoke following Tyson “disrespecting” him on a recent episode of his podcast.

Mike Tyson hosts “Hotboxin,” where he catches up with different celebrities from different mediums. From sports to acting to music. He recently sat down with rapper Freddie Gibbs. During their convo, the guys briefly touched on their love for white women from the ’80s before Gibbs joked, “Dr. Umar gonna be mad at us for talking about white girls.” While he chuckled, a very serious and high Mike Tyson sat up in his chair, asking, “Who is Dr. Umar?” According to his website, Dr. Umar Johnson is a Doctor of Clinical Psychology and Certified School Psychologist. He’s become known mostly on social media for his radical views. Or, as Gibbs told Tyson, “He don’t like white people.”

Mike Tyson seemed to get more annoyed, asking, “He don’t like white people or black people talking about white people? Whats’s his problem?” Gibbs tried to defend him, saying, “He just a righteous black man. I mean, he got some cool ideas…” Tyson shut that down pretty quick, responding, “But if he got hate in his [heart], it can’t be cool. Who is he to have that thought and think that it counts?” Gibbs then mentioned that maybe Tyson should have Dr. Umar on the show. Umar has different plans.

Instead of appearing on “Hotboxin’,” he’d like to meet Tyson in the ring. In his own video, he called out boxing promoters and declared he’d like Floyd Mayweather to train him. “If I can’t get Bernard Hopkins, North Philidephias own, I want Floyd Mayweather to train me. Five rounds. I got Mike Tyson on the height; I got a height advantage.” He wants to charge at least $250 a ticket and says, “we trying to raise money for the school family.”

The school he’s referencing is The Frederick Douglass & Marcus Garvey RBG International Leadership Academy for Boys, which he’s been attempting to build for some time. According to his website, Dr. Umar is currently working on building his new school. America’s first residential academy for Black boys founded upon the principles of Pan-Africanism and International Economics.” He goes on to say that while he still loves Freddy Gibbs and Mike Tyson, he feels their conversation was “coonish” and did him and his platform no justice. While he does not believe he will win, he does believe he can survive five rounds. “I can get a couple shots in,” he tells his viewers.

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