Brandon T. Jackson Life Is Back On The Right Track After Big Mommas House and Being Delivered

Brandon T. Jackson had a promising career in comedy and film. He starred in films like Roll Bounce, Tropic Thunder, and Percy Jackson & the Olympian before fading from the spotlight. In the time since, Jackson has been critical of the Hollywood machine and how it treats actors, especially men of color. Jackson may have fallen off, but it seems he’s got several projects in post-production geared toward helping him make a comeback. 

Brandon T. Jackson seems to connect a lot of his career trauma to one specific film role. He played Martin Lawrence’s son in Big Momma’s House: Like Father, Like Son. As Trent, he went deep undercover with Lawrence as the two dressed up like women for the silly cop comedy. According to Jackson, things went completely downhill from there, and he had been warned about not donning a dress for a role. He told Comedy Hype that while his career was at a high, his personal life fell into shambles. 

Jackson says that comedian Katt Williams told him not to do it. For Jackson, the dress completely put out his fire as an actor and distinguished his career. He argues that it did the same for Lawrence, who had done it three times by the time they shot Big Momma’s House 3. Jackson says the dress put out his flame and came with a “demon baby mama and a starter kit from hell.” He lamented, “you haven’t seen me since.”

Jackson said he did not understand how someone like Tyler Perry continues to get stronger every time he dons a dress, while things for Jackson slowed down substantially with most of his work being television with few episodes at a time. However, the actor now believes he has been delivered and forgiven for wearing the dress. He did some voice-over work for American Dad and Bojack Horseman and got to star in 19 episodes of Deadbeat. The last two years have been completely quiet for him, with no roles for 2021 or 2022 on his IMDB.  

Jackson has decided to put his 18 years of experience into supporting other actors. On his social media, he is currently promoting a course and book titled The Actors State of Mind. He was also on a standup tour called The Fall Back In love Comedy and Music Tour, which just wrapped at the beginning of November. The loving father of four showed off his kids on social media with a post from Thanksgiving saying, “JACKSON’S… there’s one more, but she was busy doing her hair lol #daughterthings #unchained #freestateofmind.” 

While he’s been critical of other stars for wearing a dress, including Kevin Hart in recent years, it seems Jackson is more focused on reigniting his own fire that was put out by his cross-dressing experience. The actor’s IMDB currently shows that he’s got five projects in post-production and gearing up for a major comeback. The projects are called Trap City, Celibate, Adam and Eve, Regenerated, and The Life of Me.

The comedian recently tried to motivate fans with a clip from a standup where he discussed his audition for Roll Bounce while making an impression of Chris Tucker. “Keep working, man keep working!” he said in Tucker’s signature voice. Looks like he is taking his own advice. 

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