Brett Favre Accused Of Welfare Fraud Again, This Time After Taking Welfare Funds Geared Towards Concussion Research

Brett Favre is back in the news this week for welfare fraud. The NFL vet got a huge spotlight thrown on him last month when people began accusing news outlets of disproportionately covering Ime Udoka and Nia Long’s infidelity scandal while his fraud accusations went under the radar. Many believed race was at play. With Ime and Nia out of the headlines, fans can now focus fully on Farve’s drama which has just escalated.

Brett Lorenzo Favre is a retired American football quarterback who played in the National Football League for over 20 years. He is most famous for his stint with the Green Bay Packers. Farve has been accused of “misappropriating welfare funds in the state of Mississippi that should have gone to thousands of people in need.” Instead, a good chunk of that money is said to have gone directly into his pockets.

In total, Farve is said to have “rerouted” $ 5 million from the welfare fund to The University of Southern Mississippi. He is said to have worked with state officials to get the money over to his Alma Mater, where they poured into several programs and teams that his daughter played on. This included building a facility for her volleyball team.

The investigation is still ongoing, with no official charges filed, but new information has come forward about the money and where Brett has applied it. His business relationship with Jake VanLandingham is also under question. Jake owns Prevacus and PresolMD, companies invested in research around concussions. Jake and Brett reportedly lied to investors to get money for concussion research, getting a $2.1 million dollar grant from the Mississippi government.

Jake has already released a statement about the funds, claiming he had nothing to do with it. “I had no idea this was welfare money, and I’ve always been an upstanding person when it comes to research.” Farve has yet to say anything about it.

Fans took to Twitter and said, “The difference between being a white man and a black man, Brett Favre stole 77 million, and nobody’s saying s***.” Others are upset by the lack of coverage and compare it to another sports scandal surrounding Kyrie Irving. “KYRIE HAS APOLOGIZED OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Meanwhile, Brett Favre is left unscathed after stealing millions of dollars from the poorest in the country.”

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