Brian McKnight Dragged After Disowning Black Children & Only Claiming Biracial Children After Starting New Family

This week social media discovered that R&B singer Brian McKnight has “started back at one” with a brand new family.

The crooner is currently married to his wife, Leilani McKnight, and raising their four children, but fans believe he is trying to erase his several kids from other marriages. Let’s take a look at his social media and what people have been pointing out.

According to his social media account bio, Brian McKnight is the happy father of Julia, Jack, Kekoa Matteo, and Brian Kainoa Makoa. These are the children he’s been raising with Leilani. Two of the children are Leilani’s from previous relationships, while Kekoa is the baby they lost in 2022 and Brian is their new born son.

Baby Brian is not the only Brian Jr, as McKnight Sr. has an older son named Brian McKnight Jr from his first marriage. In fact, McKnight has four children total outside of his marriage with Leilani. Brian Jr, Niko, Briana, and Clyde McKnight. So why is he so aggressively only claiming his new children?

“Couldn’t ask for a better daughter than you!!! Happy birthday to the best daughter ever! Love u a zillion,” he said under a post of him and Leilani’s daughter Jules. “Guess your life only began recently. What happen to your kids from 1st marriage? I hope this new family never disappoint him,” said one person.

Another said, “It’s super weird you’re like fetishizing their culture with all your hashtags 😂😂😂😂 also, don’t you have a daughter, like one that shares your DNA?” Brian has yet to respond but has had issues with his eldest kids in the past.

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