Brian McKnight Jr. Urged To Change His Name After Father Names His Newest Son, Brian McKnight Jr. Too

Brian McKnight Jr. is speaking out against fans encouraging him to change his name after his father disowned him publicly.

Brian McKnight Sr. is currently remarried and raising a new family with his wife, which includes her two children from another marriage and a new baby boy also named Brian. Both Brian’s spoke out recently on the status of their relationship and how they feel about the name and its legacy.

Brian McKnight Sr. is not winning any dad awards anytime soon. Despite the happy picture he paints on social media with his new life, he has left a wake of broken relationships and infidelity in his past that his firstborns have been struggling to unpack.

Brian McKnight Jr. says that his father was absent for much of their lives before starting his new family. Briana McKnight also got slighted by her daddy after he accused her of having an inappropriate relationship with an older cousin.

In a video posted to his social media, Brian McKnight makes no apologies for moving on with his new family and claims that the estrangement from his former one was “mutual.”

He also said that any hope of reconciliation was killed by posts his son made, and he wants the world to know that his only legacy will be Brian Kainoa Makoa McKnight, his newborn with Leilani McKnight.

Brian Mcknight Jr. took to social media to thank fans for their concerns and support while denying any plans to change his name. Jr. is a father himself and says that his own son shares the family name, and changing it would send him a bad message.

Furthermore, Brian Jr. says he is very proud of his name and lineage and has plans to continue his own legacy.

People in the comments supported Brian Jr. and called out his dad and new wife for being so terrible to him and his siblings.

One person commented, “His daddy’s new wife must be trifling too Because ain’t no way I would name my son the same name as his big brother.”

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