Brian McKnight Sued By Daughter After Singer Told World She Was Having Incestuous Affair With Her Older Cousin

Brian McKnight’s time before his current family continues to be explored as more and more people dig into the weird dynamic behind his new life.

Despite being married before and having four children before his current wife, McKnight has been very adamant about how his new tribe is the only true McKnights in his eyes. Now fans are discovering disturbing details about a case between him and his biological daughter that is shedding more light on the whole situation.

Brian McKnight is currently married to a woman named Leilani McKnight and raising their three children together. The eldest are kids from Leilani’s previous relationships, while the pair share a baby named Brian Jr, much like McKnight’s firstborn son.

His daughter, Briana McKnight, is estranged from her father and recently took him to court for defamation. Briana was the result of Brian cheating on his first wife with another woman and has largely had no relationship with the singer. After sharing her experience online without naming Brian, the R&B singer clapped back with vicious claims and spread lies about Briana including that she had a consensual relationship with an older cousin. She has since taken him to court, with the pair agreeing to dismiss the case in February.

People online are disgusted with McKnight and have begun circulating problematic interviews of him over the years denouncing his eldest kids. “There’s a real cruelty to what Brian McKnight is doing that is terrifying,” said one person.

Another chimed in with, “A lot of black parents have main Character syndrome and personality disorders.” Neither Brian or Briana have commented on the recent resurfacing of their case.

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