Brian McKnight, 54 Welcomes New Baby With His New Family, Blocks Fans From Trashing Comment Section

Brian McKnight has a long history of singing about love.

The R&B singer claims he did not really find it until his union with his current wife, Leilani McKnight. Brian is so sure that life did not begin until Leilani that he seems to have forgotten about the several children and marriages he had before her.

Brian McKnight already has a junior, but he decided to bestow his name upon him and Leilani’s firstborn. Aware of the backlash from fans, the Mcknights have turned off their comments to limit fans from expressing their opinions on the latest Brian McKnight Jr.

For years, Brian McKnight’s eldest children have been critical of him in the media. His firstborn Jr. has opened up about how his father was absent for much of his life, focused solely on his career. Brian had a daughter named Briana during an affair in his first marriage, who has also opened up about her father’s unwillingness to connect with her.

This resulted in a bitter court battle between the two after Brian McKnight alleged that their relationship was non-existent due to Briana’s sexual relationship with an older cousin. Briana sued her dad for defamation, and they eventually settled out of court.

If you need proof that Brian McKnight really despised his first batch of kids, look no further than his social media. His page lists him as the “Father of Julia, Jack, Kekoa Matteo, and Brian Kainoa Makoa.” Julia and Jack are Leilani’s children from a previous marriage, while Kekoa Matteo is a child they lost last year.

Brian Kainoa is their first bundle of joy, and according to Brian, “My EVERYTHING. This is the reason I was born, my reason for living. ♥️”

Brian and Leilani have limited comments from fans since they were flooding previous posts to ask him about his other children. However, under a repost by The Neighborhood Talk, fans have let loose on the “Back At One” hitmaker.

“The way God is going to teach this man a lesson!!!” said one person. Another commented, “Please, stop sharing him and anything pertaining to him. The black community has decided that we’re done with him.”

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