Brittany Renner Claims Men Have Lost Interest In Her

Brittany Renner is undoubtedly a beautiful woman. The Instagram model and social media influencer was indeed one that many men would fawn after. But, perhaps due to Renner’s moves in public and with various famous athletes, the number of men that would usually be checking for her has significantly decreased. Brittany Renner might have just been schooled on the reason as to why she feels men have seemingly lost interest in her. The social media influencer has quite the reputation on her name. Brittany Renner, 29, has had many high-profile relationships, including with 23-year-old athlete PJ Washington, with whom she became embroiled in child support drama. 

Brittany Renner has constantly made light of the scrutiny she’s faced on social media for seemingly grooming young athletes on the come-up. Whether it’s hopping to social media to show when she’s “randomly” popped up on a college campus to announce that it’s “step-daddy season” or for people to “hide your sons,” Renner seems unapologetic in her doings.

For instance, Brittany Renner and the Charlotte Hornets player’s relationship made headlines after it was revealed she split from him following the birth of their son. TMZ reported that PJ Washington was on the horn for a hefty $200k child support payment over the next 18 years. This would cause a social media storm as many began to clown the NBA star for falling for Brittany Renner’s “trap.” However, Washington attempted to debunk the rumors by coming on to Twitter and stating, “Stop the [cap].”

But a video resurfaced around the time of the drama that seemed to prove Brittany Renner’s intentions. In the video, Renner can be heard giving advice to women, coaching them to get with athletes – yet in the same breath calling them the “worst people to deal with.”  “None of them use condoms, really,” said Brittany Renner. “So, if y’all really want to try to come up off a check off a man, you could just [mess with] an athlete.” The fitness model then concluded the clip by labeling athletes “really dumb” and giggling.

The statement was jarring for many, but Renner was eventually officially invited to speak to Jackson State’s football players’ head coach, former NFL player Deion Sanders, in December 2021. Sanders felt the need to school his players on life both on and off the field and the traps that some women may set for them. Renner, who compared her DMs to the Nike Store (“nothing but blue checks”), told the young men that the more their names and profiles get prominent, the easier it is for them to be targeted. “Naturally, if you play a sport, it’s kind of like that’s an incentive to talk to you,” Renner said. “Everybody wants something.”

But not everybody wants Brittany Renner, it seems. The social media influencer recently had a conversation with NFL player Cam Newton for his podcast, Funky Friday with Cam Newton. According to Renner, after the release of her 2018 tell-all memoir, Judge This Cover, she experienced a swift “decline” in her DMs. Renner’s book detailed intimate romps with celebrities like Trey Songz, Drake, and Colin Kaepernick. Renner’s thoughts are that because she “leaned into” the villain that she was painted as, it scared her potential suitors off.   Cam Newton offered his opinions as to why the men couldn’t be blamed for their resistance toward her. The Carolina Panthers player insisted that he would never slide in her DMs because he refused to “end up in her book.”

Newton explains to Brittany Renner that he understands that she may have felt that it was necessary for her to come up, but she used the privacy of others to do so. The 2015 NFL MVP explained things from his side of the coin, admitting that she’s attractive, but he’d need to tread lightly in her case. Cam Newton shared his thoughts on how revealing the Instagram model can be to various high-profile blogs and how she fails to use discretion, which could cause damage to someone in his position. However, someone like him could have just reached out to her with the intention of “having a good time.” “I don’t feel like my time is being respected and protected,” he explained to Brittany Renner. 

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