Brooklyn Pastor Lamor Miller-Whitehead’s Troubled Past Resurfaces Days Following Incident

Bishop Lamor Miller- Whitehead’s church website describes him as “Radical, Revolutionary, Innovative, Anointed, and Cutting Edge.” The Brooklyn native was raised by his mother alone after his father’s life was taken by law enforcement when he was only a baby. With the knowledge of his father’s passing in mind, Lamor fought hard to be a model student and citizen despite all the odds being against him. He graduated from school a decorated student and athlete. He was able to score scholarships to Shaw University, Farmingdale University, and Eastern New Mexico University, where he studied Accounting and Videography.

Lamor’s past was not all good, and he discussed him going to jail for six years of a 34-year sentence, but does not explain what he did or why he was in jail. He describes it as some of the most trying times of his life that forced him to lean heavily into his faith. As a result, Lamor expanded his ministries to work directly with people who have been incarcerated or dealing with the prison system. 

For Pastor Lamor Whitehead, things started off small. In 2013 he founded the Leaders of Tomorrow Ministry in Brooklyn, NY, with only 43 attendees. The goal was to create a safe space for them to pray and fellowship. He grew the church from these humble beginnings into a proper facility. He then moved past the physical church and began working with people through speaking tours, panels, radio interviews, podcasts, video conferences, and more. 

A week ago, Pastor Lamor was relatively unknown, but that changed after his church robbery. While delivering his Sunday Sermon live online, three men appeared and robbed Whitehead. The men wore all black and ran up to him as he gave a speech. Whitehead looked visibly scared and quickly got on the ground. The men allegedly took “$1 million worth of jewelry from him and his wife,” according to local news sources. It occurred around 9:30 am. The Bishop appeared on the news and said he was most worried about the other people in the church and willingly gave up everything to ensure they did not get injured. 

Things got even stranger when it was revealed that the Bishop scammed one of his church members out of her entire retirement fund after convincing her that he could help her invest and purchase a house despite her bad credit. 56-year-old Pauline Anderson wrote Whitehead a check for $90k in November of 2020 that he promised to invest for her. However, months and months went by, and he never updated her on the investment. When she finally pressed him on his promises, Whitehead told her that he took the check as a donation and did not owe her any money back. Anderson filed a suit against Whitehead. It read “Mr. Whitehead fraudulently induced Ms. Anderson to liquidate her entire life savings to pay him the ‘investment’ of $90,000.00, promising to use the funds to purchase and renovate a house for her.”

Pastor Bishop has a history of illegal activity, and the news outlets also uncovered why he was locked up for six years. Whitehead reportedly committed Identify Theft, Fraud, and grand larceny.  Lamor says this is all a mess created because of his celebrity status. Lamor is very close with current New York City Mayor Eric Adams and reportedly ran for Brooklyn Borough president in 2021. Today he announced via his social media that he will be holding an Emergency press conference to address the rumors and has plans to launch an initiative titled “House of Worship Community Campaign,” where he plans on making sure no other church is ever attacked in the way he was and bring some change to gun violence in his church’s community. 

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