Candace Owens Has Choice Words For Momager Kris Jenner and The Success Of Kardashians

It is no secret that Kris Jenner is the mastermind behind her family empire. The Kardashian women all owe their massive fortunes to their mother, who spent years grooming them for influencer stardom. The girls all exceeded these expectations, becoming media moguls, models, CEOs, and more. While many respect the family hustle, others have always been critical of the “momager” for “pimping” her daughters out. This sentiment is at a new high in recent weeks as Ray J revealed just how involved Kris was in the release of Kim’s breakout moment, the adult tape filmed with Ray J.

According to Ray J, Kris Jenner orchestrated the entire fiasco in an attempt to cash in on the “leaked video” hype of the late ’90s and early ’00s. Adult footage redefined the careers of Pamala Anderson and Paris Hilton while almost derailing R. Kelly’s. In the case of Kim Kardashian, a then-unknown Hollywood socialite, the opportunity to thrust her name into the spotlight was very appealing. After stints as Paris Hilton’s assistant and Brandy’s stylist did nothing for her career, Kim was busy dating a who’s who of black Hollywood, and Kris saw a massive opportunity in this.

Despite the likes of Nick Cannon and The Game in her rearview, it would be Ray J that helped the future Skims mogul to break through all the noise. Ray J says that mother Kris was so involved in making sure the adult tape was a hit that she made them film three different ones and reviewed them all herself. Eventually, she decided on the first one and even had Kim forge Ray J’s signature because he was taking too long to sign.

Since then, Kris has been a business shark ensuring the family stays in the spotlight. She turned public interest in Kim into the Keeping Up With the Kardashian franchise, quickly helping daughters Kourtney and Khloe also establish empires. By the time Kendall and Kylie were of age, she already had a firm grip on how to turn her girls into stars, with Kendall becoming one of the leading models in the world and Kylie becoming a make-up mogul and one of the most powerful women on social media. Through it all, she has kept her daughters in close proximity to famous and powerful men, all of which have helped the Kardashian girls become more influential and successful. Kris and her company have even gone as far as to copyright the names of all her grandchildren, famously blocking Blac Chyna from being able to copyright her own child with Rob’s name or the name Angela Kardashian. She is covered and ready for whoever the family’s next big star will be.

Political pungent Candice Owens recently weighed in on the Kardashian family and shared some strong words for the tribe. Candace Owens says she now holds the opinion that “Kim Kardashian is a prostitute” and that her mother is a pimp. She also called him a “corpse” and a “body without a soul.” She believes that Kim is showing people in this country that if you degrade yourself, you can become rich and successful. “No lies are being told here,” said one fan.

Do you agree?

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