Cardi B Forced To Find New Alternative To Receive Payment From Tasha K After Chase Bank Informs Her Of Account Balance

Rapper Cardi B became famous thanks to her outspoken nature. She was a staple on social media for her larger-than-life personality and outburst. The mother of 2 has settled down since becoming a bonafide pop star, but that does not mean the old Cardi has not jumped out a time or time. From recent Twitter spats with JT and Akbar V to the constant subbing between her and Nicki Minaj. One person whose she has been very clear about wanting to take down is Youtube blogger Tasha K. While Cardi reigns supreme in court after winning her defamation lawsuit against Tasha, Tash might have the last laugh because it looks like she does not have the means to pay Cardi B and has fled to Africa.

Tasha K made a name for herself on Youtube, spilling tea Wendy Williams-style in an all hot topics, deep dive video series geared at “exposing” celebrities. She took particular interest in Cardi B and claimed to have insider knowledge about The Bronx rapper. The Blogger made serious claims about the rapper’s health. Cardi fired back, stating the claims were false and made her consider taking her own life. She took Tasha K to court and won big, to the sum of under $4 million. In between her recent Twitter beefs with just about everyone, Cardi has not missed a day where she taunts Tasha K about her money and all the plans she has for the funds.

Tasha K is not down for the count, however. The Youtube personality has played into the hype as well and is currently on an extended “vacation” in Africa, where she’s continued her show while mocking Cardi B. Although she is banned from speaking on the “Bodak Yellow” star, Tasha K has made a couple of well-timed posts about her financial situation, including one where she is posted outside of the Bank of Africa and another where she brags about how much money she recently deposited in the financial institution, $600 million CFA to be exact. That translates to $882,277.20 in U.S funds.

Well, Cardi and her team have finally tried to collect, and it appears Tasha’s U.S accounts are tapped. Radaronline is reporting, “JP Morgan Chase Bank has informed Cardi that Tasha and her company Kebe Studios only have $1,083.02 held in accounts.” Tasha has demanded the banks not release her funds to Cardi, and it is unclear if there is legal precedence to stop her.

Meanwhile, Tasha K’s channel “Unwine with Tasha K” continues to thrive and make money. The last few days she’s been teasing an upcoming episode featuring rapper Blueface’s mother. In the preview, Tasha K states her company flew his mother down for the interview. Tasha K sat down with Karlissa to discuss her son’s toxic relationships with women and much more. A few weeks ago Tasha K also interviewed Blueface’s sister.

The Youtube has also been covering other hot topics from the news, including Nia Long and Ime Udoka’s relationship, R. Kelly, and more. Tasha revealed that she had made her way over to Bamako, Mali, where she is continuing her “vacation.” Fans championed Tasha for continuing on her journey despite Cardi’s attempts to shut her down. “I hope this channel never ends and keeps spreading happiness,” said one fan. Do you think Cardi B will ever get her coins?

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