Cardi B Latest Celebrity To Gets A Face Tattoo Despite Being Thankful She Didn’t Get One As A Teen

The rockstar lifestyle includes several clear checkmarks. Lavish houses, expensive cars, flashy clothing, and lots and lots of tattoos.

Your favorite celebrity is probably rocking an art museum’s worth of ink on their body, with many even covering up their primary money maker, their faces. Drake is the latest to cash in on the trend, with Cardi B possibly joining that list too. The OVO frontman is known for his clean mug but decided to add a small tattoo under his left eye in honor of his mother. The tat says “S.G” in old English letters, short for Sandra Gale. 

The tattoo artist responsible shared a picture of him applying the art to Drizzy’s face as the “Take Care” hitmaker laid peacefully. The new ink came after a handful of shows with Young Money mentor and friend Lil Wayne, who is covered in face tattoos. Wayne’s include teardrops under his eye, a stencil of the African continent, a cross, lightning bolts, several random numbers and names. O

ne of Drake’s fans said, “Spends a weekend with Lil Wayne…” Another one was not here for the new ink and said, “Whyyyyy whyyyyyy would you do that to his perfect face 😢😢😢.”

Joining Drake on the face tattoo trend is none other than Cardi B. Cardi is known for her love of ink and has several large elaborate tattoos, including a giant peacock on her hip and several large flowers down her back. Cardi famously took to social media to declare her intrigue with face tattoos and how she heavily contemplated getting one in her teens. 

“Every day, I’m thankful at the fact that ain’t get this face tatt I wanted when I was 16,” she tweeted last July. Fans pressed her about the tattoo she wanted but Cardi never elaborated. This past January, she opened up about considering getting her son’s name tatted after giving birth to him the previous fall.

“Random but …. I’m 1% close to tatting my son’s name on my face….I really really wanna do it!” she wrote, specifying that she would do her jawline. Fans quickly reminded her of her Tweet the prior summer and urged her against it. “Cardi, don’t play with us,” one person urged. 

Cardi would have joined fellow hip-hop momma Amber Rose, who tatted the names of both her kids across her forehead. Rose has “Bash Slash” on her head. Both are nicknames for her children, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz (son with Wiz Kalifah) and Slash Electric Alexander Edwards (with Alexander Edwards). She shared the ink back in 2020 with the caption, “When ur Mom lets you draw on ur Barbie 😏.” When asked by Stylish Magazine what promoted the face art, Rose said, “Not everybody is gonna get a face tat. That’s what separates me from them.” 

Well, she is not alone anymore cause Cardi seems to have finally taken the plunge and got some face art. In a video posted to Twitter, you can see Tattoo artist @luis__hairstylist inking what appears to be the “Bodak Yellow” star. We can’t see what exactly he’s drawing, but the is an excessive amount of either red ink or blood, and it’s on or around the jawline, a place she recently said she wanted to get tatted with her son Wave Set Cephus’ name. 

The only sign that it might be Cardi is because he tagged her, but you cannot see a face. Fans are not immediately happy with Cardi, with one responding to the video, “@iamcardib explain, pls don’t tell me you tattooed your beautiful face ?!” Another said, “Cardiiii, we told u not tooooo!” Cardi has yet to share any images of the new ink on her social media platforms. 

Other fans are speculating that maybe it is not Cardi B since the girl’s face is covered and given Cardi’s history of being unsure if she wanted a face tattoo. “I don’t think that’s Cardi. I was just on her IG.” Another fan told Cardi to just have her husband get the tattoo instead and spare her pretty face. “Let offset do it on ya behalf.”

Offset currently has their daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus’s name tattooed on his jawline. He also has the names of his other children from previous relationships on his face and shoulder.

Cardi currently has Offset’s name tatted on her thigh and had the names of two previous boyfriends (Tommy G. and Samuel) tatted on her body before covering them up. She has yet to get Kulture’s name on her body. 

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