Cardi B’s Keeps A Busy Schedule Juggling Motherhood and Her Career, But She Refuses To Get A Nanny

It’s very evident that Cardi B doesn’t play when it comes to her children. As a mother of two, the rapper is very protective of her offspring. And as busy as she is, Cardi B always remains close to her young children. According to her recent interview with Vogue Singaporethe rapper doesn’t have a desire to hire a nanny.

Cardi B first became a mother on July 10, 2018, to her daughter Kulture Kiari, whom she shares with her husband Offset. Then on September 4, 2021, the “Hot S**t” rapper gave birth to a son named Wave Set Cephus.  Cardi B has been juggling a hectic schedule, from constantly going to the studio to television appearances, touring, and beyond. But she’s always maintained that raising her children is a top priority. She also has been vocal about being present in their lives. 

The former Love and Hip Hop: New York star once responded to a fan’s comment on Instagram in 2019 who assumed that she’d had “babysitters” to make life easier. According to Daily MailCardi B disputed the fan’s claims by saying that no babysitters were involved in raising then-15-month-old Kulture. In fact, the entertainer shared that her mother steps in when both herself and Offset are unavailable. Cardi B then revealed that it would remain that way until she could find somebody that she deemed “trustworthy.”

Known for being candid with her fanbase, Cardi B once elaborated on her Instagram Live why she was resistant to having a babysitter. The rapper expressed how hard it had been to leave her baby at night. And in response to the many people that advised her to “find a nanny,” Cardi B explained that she desires to “be with [her] baby every second.” Husband Offset echoed those sentiments while he was in an interview with The Breakfast Club in 2019. According to the rapper, who reportedly has split from the Migos, they have no intentions of hiring a nanny. “It’s strictly parents,” said Offset, stressing that babysitting duties are split between his and her mothers.  

During Cardi B’s recent cover story with Vogue Singapore, the chart-topping rapper spoke on her journey from initially wanting a nanny to deciding against it. She talked about the skepticism from people around her when she first got pregnant with Kulture. However, Cardi tried to assure them that she’d hire a babysitter to lighten the load as she handled her busy schedule. “It’s not even going to be a hassle,” the rapper said she would tell them. But once Kulture arrived, thoughts of having anyone else ‘besides her family” around her child frightened her. “I’ve never had a nanny for Kulture,” confessed Cardi B. 

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