Cause Of Master P’s Daughter, Tytyana’s Passing Finally Revealed Months Later

Hip-Hop mogul Master P and his family finally got some answers in connection to the passing of his daughter Tytyana. The 29-year-old passed away back in May following a lengthy battle with substance issues. While not as famous as her father or brother, TyTy enjoyed a brief moment in the spotlight via reality television that introduced the world to a promising young woman who had just lost her way. So what claimed her life?

Tytyana is the daughter of Percy Miller and Sonya C. Miller. Her parents met in the late ’80s and married, staying together for over 20 years. Master P has admitted in interviews that the relationship was fractured for years, but they stuck together for their seven kids; Romeo Miller, Vercy Miller, Tytyana, Inty, Itali, Hercy, and Mercy. Sonya struggled from substance abuse as well, and Master P talked about worrying that it may have impacted their children growing up.

Master P on Sonya would start the process of divorce in 2014. During the hearing, he talked about how much drugs had destroyed their union and impacted families like theirs. P stressed that he would give Sonya whatever she wanted as long as she got it together for herself and the children. Unfortunately, the damage seemed to already be done as their daughter Tyty had already begun taking after her mother.

Tyty’s issues were well documented on the series Growing Up Hip-Hop. Several episodes featured Romeo and his father trying to track her down, figure out where she had been, and even trying to get her to take a test. “I really hope that TyTy is serious about making a change. We’re gonna fix this,” her brother said in a clip. They felt that helping Tyty could also help her mother get help too. “Hopefully, by doing this, we can send a message to her mom.”

Tyty often appeared high, annoyed, and uninterested in their help. Romeo got upset with her on one episode and lectured her on accountability. “So everything cool? You just smiling like it’s all good? Cause I’ve been looking for you for the last 3 or 4 hours,” he said, visibly frustrated. She would eventually lose her battle with substance abuse, as coroners finally confirmed that she died from an accidental fentanyl OD.

Following her passing, Master P tried to do something positive, so other families would not have to deal with this type of pain. He sat down in June with CBS Morning to discuss how much losing his daughter impacted him and what he wanted to do to help others. “Coming from poverty, you would think that you would outlive your kids, and that was the mission I feel like, going to my daughter’s funeral. I feel like I went to my own funeral.”

Master P teamed up with The National Alliance on Mental Illness and ARJ Cases to help set up resources for people of color dealing with substance issues. “I want to help people that look like us. We want to bring awareness to this. I’m going to get out here and save millions.”

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