Celebrities Are Reacting To Kanye West’s Latest Troublesome Remarks, While His Collaborators an Enablers Remain Quiet

As Kanye West continues to give people reasons to dislike him, his many celebrity friends have begun to distance themselves from him publicly in an effort to not be associated with the madness. West is currently getting a lot of backlash from his latest remarks. Let’s take a look at some of the people who have decided to put some space between themselves and the YEEZY mastermind. 

Funk Master Flex took to Twitter to question Kanye’s famous friends and ask if anyone whose worked with him has actually spoken out against him. “HAS ANY ARTIST THAT HAS RECEIVED A @KANYEWEST FEATURE SPOKEN OUT AGAINST KANYE’S ACTIONS? ASKING FOR A FRIEND?” he said. Some of Kanye’s most recent features include Cardi B’s “Hot Sh*t” and a record with Eminem on DJ Khaled’s album called “Use This Gospel.”  Macy Gray took to her IG with a statement about people excusing Kanye’s actions because of his history of mental illness. “Pleez stop associating ignorance with mental illness. they have nothing to do with each other.” One fan backed her up, saying, “FINALLY, SOMEBODY SAID IT!!!! Stop using his ‘mental health as an excuse for the sh*t he’s saying.”

Kanye West name-dropped Ice Cube during his Drink Champs interview, claiming that the Friday star gave him the battery for his stance. Ice Cube took to Twitter to ask that he be left out of the conversation and that he has nothing to do with Kanye’s rants. While Ice Cube does have a history with anti-semitism, including questionable song lyrics and posts from 2020, he maintains he has no connection to Kanye’s current rants. 

The ladies of Cocktails with Queens have also made their opinions on Kanye West known. Vivica Fox kicked things off, stating that she is done defending West or praying for him. “F U! And I mean that with everything inside of me!” Claudia Jordan doubled down, stating that Kanye has been spewing white supremacy rhetoric for a while now, first alleging that “slavery was a choice” and then promoting his WLM shirt. His former collaborator Syleena Johnson sat quietly while the ladies read him. 

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