Celebrity Couples Who Have Filed For Divorce In 2021

The phrase “til death do us part” seems to get challenged a lot in all marriages, much less for celebrity unions. Unfortunately, these challenges often lead to the dissolution of marriage for some couples. Quite a few celebrity couples have ended in divorce this year, some shocking and some not as much. Here’s a look at some married celebrity couples that did not make it to the end of 2021.

In perhaps one of the most shocking couple’s news of the year, it has just been reported that Devon Franklin has filed for divorce from actress Meagan Good after nine years of marriage. In 2011, Franklin and Good met and got engaged before ultimately marrying in 2012. Their marriage had its bouts of criticism, mainly from some Christians. But for many, they were a great source of inspiration and one of the faces of Black Love.

The couple even co-authored the best-selling book The Wait, released in February 2016. In a then-interview with the Christian Post, the couple spoke about the book’s purpose and that they were not at all ready to disclose many details of their relationship life. However, they were inclined to talk about it to encourage many other couples to wait on having sex before tying the knot. Also using spiritual messages, the then-couple focused on having God at the center of their relationship and wanted others to do the same within theirs.

But almost a decade after exchanging vows in a Spanish and bayou-themed wedding at a Malibu winery in California, they’ve decided to part ways. In a joint statement via PEOPLE, the actress and Franklin issue that “after much prayer and consideration,” they will be spending the next chapter of their lives apart, but they view it as an “evolution of love.” Also, sure to clarify that neither is to blame for the divorce while not disclosing what the cause was, they share that they are “grateful” to have shared those years and are “thankful to God” as well.

In perhaps a not-so-shocking turn of events earlier this year, it was reported that Kim Kardashian West filed for divorce from her now-estranged husband, rapper Kanye West. February of 2021 set off a media storm after Kardashian made the decision following a very tumultuous period with Kanye spiraling and revealing very personal details of their relationship and his very public support for former President Donald Trump. They shared four children within their marriage.

The divorce filing would bring forth months of the Hurricane rapper attempting to repair his marriage to his wife multiple times. However, it appears that Kim Kardashian is no longer willing to make their union work as she recently filed to be legally single and to have “West” removed from her name. A report by Rolling Stone shows documents stating that Kardashian views the marriage to be broken with absolutely no repair in sight. Additionally, it is said that Kim Kardashian is currently dating Saturday Night Live Pete Davidson.

Also in a not so amicable divorce is producer and reality star Stevie J and R&B singer Faith Evans. In November, reports stated that the former Love and Hip Hop star filed a petition to end their marriage after three years of being together. Stevie J has also reportedly requested that a judge order the “Love Like This” singer pay him monthly spousal support. Faith Evans is currently fighting to have that stopped to keep all that she came into the marriage with and acquired during their time together. Faith Evans and Stevie J have no children together.

On-again, off-again couple Ray J and Princess Love also seem to have fully dissolved their marriage. In October of 2021, it was reported that the couple is amid another divorce filing. This would be their third. Together, they share two children. Carmelo Anthony’s marriage to La La Anthony also did not make it, In June of this year, it was reported that La La decided to walk away from their 11-year marriage.

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