Celebrity Women Who Vow To Never Marry Marry Again

Divorces are not easy, especially when you have to go through one in front of the world. Divorce can be a sign of failure, a sign that you were not able to make it work. This is made worst when the media is able to pick apart aspects of your marriage for headlines. Its enough to make people never want to get married again. Here’s some high profile woman who vowed to never walk down the aisle again.

Tichina Arnold was dealt a devastating betrayal back in 2016. During her second marriage to Rico Hines, she discovered that not only had he been cheating, but he had a tape as well. Although Arnold had forgave him before, she said the tape was the nail in the coffin and proof that Hines was incapable of being faithful to her.

It was her second divorce, her first had been in 1995 after briefly being married to boxer Lamon Brewster. Following the split, she told PEOPLE magazine that she had no interest in walking down the aisle a third time. “Oh no! Getting married is not gonna happen again. I know that for sure. Like, this was my second marriage. I always say three strikes, you’re out. I don’t even want to make it to three strikes.”

Lala Anthony recently shared this same sentiment. The Power and BMF star is big on the “f love” energy. She appeared on The Angie Martinez show wearing rings with her new motto and explained how overcoming her divorce from Carmelo Anthony felt like an actual death. “I was in mourning” she told Martinez. “I don’t think I could do that, ever again!” she laughed while discussing marriage. With a little encouragement from Martinez she did admit that it would take a really special man to change her mind, also admitting that she might date more once her son is off in college.

“I’m just living and taking care of my son, and whatever’s supposed to be will be,” she said. “I don’t try to put too much emphasis on it because you just start accepting anything. I don’t have the time to just have random energy and people around. I want it to be the right thing.”

Whoopi Goldberg has been married three times and admitted it just was not for her. “I tried marriage, and it wasn’t for me,” she told The New York Times, “They expect you to get married. So I kept trying to do that, but I didn’t want to share information with somebody else.” She explained that she did not like the idea of explaining her decisions to someone else. She tried for years before coming to the realization that she did not have to do. “I don’t have to do this. I don’t have to conform.” she told herself.

Iman also vowed to never marry again after the death of husband David Bowie. In 2018 she said “he’s always going to be my husband”. The pair were together for over 2 decades and were a beloved couple by all. Understandably she is still in mourning and would not like to move on so fast.

Do you think these women will ever remarry?

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