Chad Johnson Gives Men Tips On How YouTube Tutorials Helped Him Reduce His Monthly Expenses

Chad Johnson, formerly Chad Ochocinco, is an NFL legend. The flashy football star is known for living loud and large and has the lifestyle to prove it. However, many do not know that he actually has a reputation for being extremely cheap. Johnson recently opened up about how he is cutting corners so he can keep more money in the bank. 

Back in 2014, it was rumored that Johnson had a crazy spending habit. TMZ reported that he was spending upwards of $45k a month. At the time, he was also battling several baby mommas over child support since he was no longer playing in the NFL. At the time, he was paying $16,525 a month to care for his children in addition to his other expenses. 

Over the years, he’s managed to form better co-parenting relationships and also became incredibly smart with his spending. In a 2021 interview with “Full Send Podcast,” Chad called himself “the cheapest mf-er in the world.” He told the guys, “When I played, I was the cheapest son of a b****. Extremely cheap. I shop at Claire’s with a black card! What are you going to say? That’s just me. Other people have an image to live up to.”

Chad then asked the hosts to look up his network on Google. Despite sites reporting him at $5 million, Chad passed around his phone with his bank account displayed, showing he actually had $15 million in his account. “I didn’t use my money from playing. I never touched it,” he said, claiming that instead, it was money he made from “adventurous stuff” that funded his more luxurious purchases. 

Well, Chad just revealed another method to help him cut spending and keep his money in the bank. He recently posted a picture of his woman, Selling Tampa’s Sharelle Rosado, sporting a beautiful hair and make-up combo. According to his caption, Chad learned how to do her glam to help them save money since the couple recently just welcomed a new baby in January. The Shaderoom reshared the image asking, “Do we need to book our next appointment with #ChadJohnson?” 

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