Channing Crowder Continues Obsession With Russell Wilson Being A Square: ‘I Wouldn’t Hang With Him’

Russell Wilson is a touchy topic for a lot of other men in the media. The all-American football star’s only crime was swooping in to give Ciara a happily ever after following Future leaving her heartbroken and a single parent. Wilson does not seem to get respect from guys, and they often refer to him as a “square” or “lame.” Channing Crowder seems to be his toughest critic.

Randolph Channing Crowder Jr. is a former football star who played six seasons with the NFL in the 2000s. His father, Randy Crowder, was an NFL star as well and played in the ’70s. Channing played for the Miami Dolphins his entire career before being dropped from the team in 2011 and abruptly announcing his retirement. He revealed plans in 2012 to restart his career, but that never happened. Instead, he has found a career as a radio personality and currently hosts Hochman & Crowder and The Pivot. Channing is married to Aja Crowder, who was a cast member on the reality show Baller Wives on VH1. 

While he’s had a pretty successful life, in comparison to Russell Wilson, it does make sense why Crowder might take issues with the Super Bowl champion. In an April interview of the Pivot, Crowder expressed his confession at Russell being able to bag Ciara following her. Crowder believes that women who date men like Future do not go to a man like Russell Wilson. 

Crowder thinks Future and Russell are just a completely different types of men and alleges that Ciara was only with Russell for the money. He called Russell a “square” and expressed how him and Future are in two different leagues. His cohosts tried to talk him down, explaining how some women just want peace after toxic men, but he did not agree and doubled down some days later, posting a photo of Russell from 2012 with his then-girlfriend Ashton Meem to Twitter. 

In August, he followed this up, acknowledging the hate he received but saying he refused to let up. “Called the man lame, called him square. They got on me about that. No, I’m not taking it back! It’s so subjective. It’s an opinion.” He goes on to say that he’s from Atlanta and did not like dudes like Russ growing up because he wears mousse in his hair and slicks it to the side. 

When questioned during an episode of the breakfast club about his opinion, Channing claims it was not personal and just feels that Russell isn’t cool, and that’s ok. Charlemagne, who is a father of four girls, says that he sees no issues with Russell and would love it for his daughters to date someone like him. 

Charlamagne recently joined Channing Crowder on his Pivot podcast and Russell Wilson’s name came up again. According to Charlamagne he prefers his daughter date a ‘square’ like Russell Wilson. All of the guys agreed with the radio host, including Channing. However, Channing followed up and said Russell Wilson could never hang with him.

Russell Wilson has always stayed above the noise and took to Twitter to poke fun of the “square” comment with a video of him surprising Ciara with flowers. “Stay Squared Up my friends. “#SurpriseSurprise @Ciara

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