Charlamagne Tha God Claims Pete Davidson Is Giving Kim Kardashian Normalcy

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are the Hollywood couple we never saw coming. The pair have been going strong despite all the drama between Kim and Kanye. Pete and Kim have remained pretty quiet despite Ye’s outbursts and threats online against Pete. Some believe Pete is a blessing in disguise for Kim, who is not used to someone who is so laid back and “normal.” According to Charlamagne, this has been really good for Kim Kardashian.

It is true that Kim leads a lavish life. Even more so while married to Kanye West. Kim and Kanye were the definition of over the top, wearing matching outfits and splurging on crazy trips and gifts. They lived their lives on full display on her reality television show, his music videos and red carpets around the world.

Unfortunately, it was not enough to keep the pair together, as West’s mental health and public outbursts seemed to drive a wedge between them. Nowhere was this more obvious then during his presidential run and support of Donald Trump while democrat Kim was lobbying for prison reforms on the opposite side.

It is understandable that Kim would want to date someone drastically more subdued in the wake of her marriage to Kanye ending, and Pete Davidson is famous for being super laid back and chill. The comedian is usually dressed very casual and is very transparent about his life and love of his hometown Staten Island. By Hollywood standards, he’s kind of regular.

While it surprised many to see them together, according to sources close to the family, Pete has been amazing for Kim. Her sisters love him and have said this is the happiest they’ve seen her in a while. Pete seems to be super happy as well, publicly calling Kim his girlfriend for the first time in an interview earlier this month. Most paparazzi pictures of them are sweet, with the pair cuddled up at dinner and sharing a kiss outside of a drug store.

While Kim’s roster of famous men is well-known, Pete is also no stranger to celebrity relationships. The SNL star was engaged to Ariana Grande briefly in 2018. The pair split shortly after Mac Miller’s death with both Pete and Ariana getting their matching neck tattoos covered up. She dedicated a song to him on her album, naming the record after him.

He then got with Underworld actress Kate Beckinsale. They spent a lot of their time showing off their chemistry in public, kissing at sporting events and holding hands. At the time, it was reported that Kate did not like the attention the relationship attracted. Pete had several other short-term relationships with lesser-known women before falling for Kim Kardashian, who was a guest judge on SNL last fall. The pair even shared a kiss on air during an Aladdin-inspired sketch. Kim also did a sketch on the show joking about her sister Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox dating tall ghostly men like Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly. Now she has her own tall tatted beau.

During a recent episode of the Breakfast Club, Charlamagne talked about Kim and Pete while discussing Kanye latest social media outburst. Kanye has gotten out of hand in recent weeks to the point where people are scared. West posted a screenshot of Kim asking him to relax because she was worried for Pete’s safety. According to Charlamagne, Kanye was way out of line. He called him “a wolf” and said, “wolved don’t make great house pets.”
Char also said that Kim has been rich her whole life, and the best thing you could give such a high-status woman is some form of normalcy. Pete takes Kim to Staten Island, introduced her to his mom, and takes her to his favorite pizza and ice cream spots. Charlamagne finishes his rant by saying that just because Ye is rich does not mean people should “d-ride” him because what he is doing is wrong.

Some fans felt Charlamagne was only speaking ill of Ye due to their not so cordial history stemming from a 2013 interview where The Breakfast Club host said Ye’s Yeezus album was wack. West was unhappy about this and went on a vicious tirade during a performance at Penn State, calling out the morning show for their opinion.

It is a bad week for Kanye, as his constant taunting of ex-wife Kim is starting to make him look like the bad guy. Could Charlamagne be right? Some fans agreed with him, saying, “Charlamagne is speaking straight facts” and “Ctg might be messy, but he do speak facts 👏👏”

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