Charlamagne Tha God Discusses His 23-Year Relationship With Wife, Jessica Gadsen

Is it important to get a prenuptial agreement before getting married? For some, it is of the utmost importance to procure a solid prenup to secure their assets before marrying. For others, it’s almost insulting to be offered or given a prenup. The conversation has been ongoing as many notable celebrities have opted to step into marrying their partners without a prenuptial agreement. Of those celebrities are radio and television personality Charlamagne The God, who has recently revealed that he and his wife do not have a prenup.

A prenuptial agreement, or “premarital agreement” as it’s known in some states, is usually drafted up when people who have significant assets want to secure its protection just in case anything happens within the marriage. For many, the act of giving a prenup tends to carry a negative weight as it can come off as a sign that trouble could be afoot. Prenups have been looked at as untrustworthy, and perhaps they feel the other party sees divorce in the future. Or maybe they feel as though trust is nonexistent in the relationship.

But some see these written contracts as a means to help couples become truthful with their finances and debts. They are also helpful in aiding how things would end up if said union is not long-lasting. Financial expert Suze Orman encouraged the process of securing a prenuptial agreement in discussion with CNBC saying, “If you cannot talk money to the person that you are about to marry, you are doomed for failure. Because money is going to run through your relationship more than anything else.”

South Carolina native Charlamagne Tha God and his wife, Jessica Gadsden, first met in high school and have dated ever since. Born Lenard McKelvey, the host of Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club morning show in New York City, and his wife have seen their share of ups and downs. Charlamagne has spoken about their past, including their infidelities, multiple times on-air and in his book Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It.

It’s been over two decades since they have been dating, and in September of 2014, they decided to become a married couple. Charlamagne Tha God also takes the term “Girl Dad” to a new level as they share four daughters. The media personality has often spoken about the robust support system that Jessia Gadsden has been for him throughout their relationship.

So it would come as no surprise that there is no prenuptial agreement between the two of them. A recent interview with Charlamagne Tha God has gone viral on social media as he explains why no prenup is in place with Gadsden. The host of Comedy Central’s Tha God’s Honest Truth with Charlamagne Tha God credits their 23 years of being together as well as her supportive ways, calling his wife the “CEO of their household.”

“Literally the first time [that] I ever went to a radio station to fill out an application for an internship, my wife drove me [in 1999] because my g*****n license was suspended,” said Charlamagne. “When I was getting fired from radio four times, she was the one going to work every day, paying the bills.”

Charlamagne continued to list the many struggles that the couple has faced in their journey together, such as getting evicted. “[Jessica Gardsden] was the one going down to the courthouse explaining to the Judge why we couldn’t get evicted,” he shared. “What I look like getting a prenup?’ But it was this following statement that sent rippling applause through social media. “We’re never getting a divorce, by the way,” Charlamagne Tha God boldly declares in the clip.

Charlamagne and his wife are not the only celebrities that have entered marriage sans a prenup. Talk show host Wendy Williams shared that she had not given her ex-husband a prenup before marrying. “That is not sexy to introduce paperwork when you are in love with somebody,” Williams said in an interview with Sway In The Morning. However, that decision could have harmed her in the future as Hunter attempted to receive a considerable portion of her net worth when they were divorcing. Also revealed not to have had a prenup in place when they talked about divorcing is Hip-Hop couple Cardi B and Offset. Perhaps their reasoning for not doing so mirrored Williams’s sentiments.

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