Chelsea Handler Advises Women To Never Have Anal With Her Ex-Boyfriend 50 Cent

50 Cent is an unforgettable lover, according to his exes.

The Power exec seems to leave a lasting impression on the women he’s been with, including Ciara, Vivica Fox, and Chelsea Handler. He recently shared a post from Handler where she makes reference to his manhood while discussing their romantic relationship. The hilarious clip and his response are down below.

Ciara famously sang that she could “not leave him alone” in her 2006 hit featuring 50 Cent. Their four-year romance ended with her ballad “Sorry,” where she sings about how an unnamed lover did not do her right.

Many felt the break-up anthem was about her time with Curtis Jackson. Vivica A. Fox famously also called 50 the love of her life as well and talked extensively about their love life. Fox even opened up about their sex lives, admitting that most times, she initiated because she was so turned on by him.

“Most of the time, I would be the one initiating sex because I really enjoyed making love with him,” she admitted in her book. Fox called their intimacy “cherished and special.” but claims it was PG-13. 50 Cent was not a fan of this and took to social media to say, “That was 14 years ago. Smh who does this? What the f–k!”

When it comes to Handler, 50 Cent is a bit more supportive. When the comedian confessed to having anal sex with the “P.I.M.P” star, she alluded to him being well-endowed. “Small or medium, you’re not going to do that with, like, 50 Cent. You want to pick the right candidate.”

Fifty reshared her bit with the comment,” “Yo, she is so crazy, @chelseahandler is hand down the funniest. LOL #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi.”

While many fans in the comments did not remember Chelsea and 50 Cent dating, others completely remember and wonder what it is 50 Cent is doing to these ladies that they can’t stop talking about their sex lives with him.

“50, what are you doing to these women that they can’t stop talking about the d?🤔🤣,” said one fan. Another one said, “She heard about the Magic Stick,” a reference to his Lil Kim collaboration.

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