Chloe Bailey Reveals Doesn’t Like When A Guy Answers Every Time She Calls: “I Want To Be Left Wondering What You’re Doing”

Lord, Have Mercy on Chloe Bailey’s DMs! As if they weren’t popping already, Chloe’s spilling details about what she likes (and dislikes) in her ideal mate. The singer has been heavy on the promotional trail for her latest single and upcoming album. But she’s also sharing what the qualifications are for shooting your shot.

Chloe’s talents and “assets” have been the talk of the town. From her fearless posts on social media displaying her singing and producing capabilities, to the titillating looks, Chloe Bailey is giving excitement. One quick glimpse at Chloe’s Instagram and it is easily understood, as is the assignment. For all the men that have been double-tapping her pictures, wishing that they could perhaps get her to notice them, Chloe Bailey’s dishing on what she’s looking for in her ideal man.

For one, you’ve got to be able to accept that she’s a huge nerd. And before anyone tries to cancel us for attempting to insult this young queen, Chloe said so herself on The Breakfast Club. While she also would like her ideal man to be “cool” and have impeccable swag about him on the outside, a major plus is for him to possess nerd qualities on the inside. A “nerd with an edge” as she and Angela Yee label it.

Chloe also would love it if her ideal man was “really sweet, kind, funny, and intellectual” as well. “That’s what gets me,” she states matter-of-factly. She also expressed her love for rubbing her hands through a man’s hair, which pretty much eliminates bald men. You also must be taller Chloe Bailey in order to ride this ride. “Short men are great, [but] I don’t want to be taller than you in heels,” she said.

Chloe Bailey’s ideal man would be happy to know that she is currently on the market, despite recent dating rumors. Sitting down with Angie Martinez, she expressed that she’s single while diving further into what she likes, and dislikes. With the current social media trend of exposing red flags, Chloe listed a few of hers. For one, she hates men who are womanizers. ” I can’t date multiple people at once so don’t play me,” she said. Another thing she dislikes is laziness. “You become what you’re around, and If I’m laid up in the bed with you I’m going to start turning into you,” said Chloe. “I need you to inspire me and keep my drive going.”

Additionally, the singer admits that she is an affectionate person, but she doesn’t need you to be clingy. She’d rather have a man who doesn’t answer the phone each time she calls. Why? “Sometimes, I wanna be left wondering what he’s doing,” explained Chloe. “Because if you on your s**t and you’re working hard, you’re not always worried about me. And for some reason, that’s kinda hot because you’re working on you.”

Most recently, Chloe fended off rumors that she was dating Future, stating that she had no idea where they originated from. “He’s a wonderful fella,” she said on Instagram Live. “I love his music. I’ve never spoken to him a day in my life.”

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