Chris Brown History With Obsessed Fans Has Singer Questioning If It’s His Music Causing It

Chris Brown is a beloved ladies’ man. The R&B heartthrob has had a legion of fans affectionately titled “Team Breezy” who have been fawning over him for decades now. Unfortunately, the love can be a lot sometimes, and Chris Brown has had his fair share of obsessed fan stories. The latest is something right out of an action/horror film.

Chris Brown has had several awkward fan encounters throughout his career. Brown has had women break into his home, following him around the world, and harass him on social media. Back in April, C Breezy had to call the police on a woman who was reportedly spotted outside his Tarzana property upwards of 10 times. The woman disappeared when the cops arrived and conducted her own call to the police, requesting they do a welfare check on Brown. The unidentified woman had shown up to the house several times, reportedly getting into a shouting match with on-site security during several of her stakeouts.

In 2016, Brown had a similar incident occurred when a woman named Danielle Patti showed up at his home and refused to leave. Patti was arrested and had to undergo a mental evaluation while under custody to determine her mental state. During her hearing, a clearly unwell Patti tried to speak directly to the judge and demanded that her lawyer be fired, and she be represented by someone else.

Brown has some insane fans and recently shared a photo from a situation where a woman drove onto his property, running over a car in his driveway with a monster truck. Brown posted a video to social media saying,” “Bruh [eyes emoji] wtf?! I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS PEOPLE REALLY FRIED!!!” he said in an Instagram story. “Another stalker … this time these folks done ran into somebody [car]…look like the Hulk just placed this truck on top this Tesla.”

Thankfully based on initial reporting no one was injured besides the Tesla. The identity of the individual has not been released. Some loyal Chris Brown fans are calling for the ‘Run It’ singer to relocate. Some fans also believe the driver of the vehicle may share Chris’ address – as singer has found himself in this situation many times throughout the years.

Despite fan requests, Brown is taking everything in strides and making comedy out of the situation. Chris Brown has been questioned in the past about what it is to make his female fans go wild. According to him, it must be something in the music. “I don’t [know] what’s in my music. I have some of the craziest stalkers in the world.”

In other Chris Brown news, the singer’s single ‘Under the Influence” recently reached number one on Apple Music R&B/Soul chart. The single was released three years ago. Chris Brown is currently planning to finally release a music video. ‘Under the Influence’ has also helped Chris Brown become the first R&B singer in history to have 50 Hot 100 Top 40 Hits on Billboard.

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