R&B Singer Chris Brown Sued For $70 Million By Housekeeper, He’s Worth $50 Million

Chris Brown’s legal issues continue to heat up as his housekeeper has upped the lawsuit following an incident with one of his dogs back in December of 2020. The woman was reportedly left in bad condition and is suing for damages after reporting that Brown tried to cover up the incident and lie about what happened to her. The new cost for his oversight is $70 million. 

The housekeeper claims that while taking out the trash at Chris Brown’s home, his massive Caucasian Shepherd Ovcharka, named Hades, came out of nowhere and began biting her. The housekeeper, going by Jane Doe, says that Brown was in the house and never came out to help her or see what was happening. Brown eventually found the woman, but instead of helping her, he had his friends hide the dogs while he figured out what to do with her. The woman recalled hearing Chris Brown talking on the phone while standing over her. 

911 was eventually called and got her medical help, but Jane Doe says that Chris Brown was uncooperative and even denied knowing who took the dogs. Hades was reportedly put down following the incident after being deemed dangerous. The dog was found in Humblot country, several hours north of Chris Brown’s home. Jane Doe claims Chris Brown had the dog euthanized to destroy any evidence. Officials in Humblot have records of the dog but reportedly found him as a stray when they brought him in. The dog was microchipped to a home on Citrus Ridge Drive in Tarzana, though the house number was redacted. Chris Brown’s house is in Tarzana. 

The woman had to get extensive surgery done to get some sense of her face back, but she and her husband both sued for damages citing how much the incident ruined their marriage. She was initially suing for 50 million, according to articles from March of this year. At the time, this broke down to “$20 million for pain and suffering, another $20 million for the emotional distress she suffered, and $10 million for her loss of consortium.” At the time, she had already spent $24K on medical expenses and anticipated spending another $400K in the future.

The woman was also suing for lost wages due to her being out of work, something that obviously has accumulated over the months. However, it’s unclear where the additional 20 million is set to cover now that court documents state she’s asking for $70 million.  Unfortunately for Chris Brown his current net worth is at $50 million which is $20 million less than what the woman is asking for.

The case is now reportedly being postponed by a California judge, according to the most recent updates. From January 3, 2023 to September 26, 2023. Brown’s team claimed that the woman did not allow them time to properly prepare for the case since she had not undergone proper medical evaluation nor had she served any of the other defendants in the case. Brown’s team is also saying the woman mistreated the dog which led to the incident.

We’ll keep you posted as more updates become available. Chris Brown has not publicly spoke about the lawsuit.

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