Chrissy Lampkin Says Men Cursed Her Out After Proposing To Jim Jones Because Their Girlfriends Started Proposing To Them

Chrissy Lampkin became a household name thanks to VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop. Appearing as Jim Jones’s girlfriend, Chrissy quickly blossomed into her own entity, becoming a fan favorite for her cool demeanor and ride-or-die personality. One of the standouts from her time on the show was when she asked Jones to marry her. Chris reflected on the scene recently, talking about how impactful that moment was to women around her who felt more empowered to propose to their men.

In the throwback clip, Chrissy reveals she initially had plans to perform a burlesque number before popping the question. Showing up in a super revealing outfit, she hung out backstage with singer Olivia who was helping her through her nerves. In a confessional, she says, “I don’t wanna second guess anything I’m doing,” before asking herself, “what am I nervous about?” Outside in the clip, guests were anxiously awaiting the surprise with Jim Jones’s mother showing visible frustration. She frequently asked party-goers, “Why are we here” and asked people to get Chrissy.

Meanwhile, backstage Chrissy was second-guessing her burlesque idea even after Olivia helped her into a corset to cover up her visible chest. “I was so wrapped up in being nervous about asking him to marry me.” She said in her confessional. “I feel like he deserves more than a striptease before asking to marry him.” She tells Olivia “I need him to take me seriously” before deciding to scrap the routine altogether but still moving forward with the proposal. Between clips, Chrissy reflected on how little she watched the show and how she saw a lot of these clips for the first time. She noted his mother’s attitude and also pointed out some screw-facing from Emily.

As the moment finally came, and emotionally Chrissy asked for her support system to come to the front of the stage and tearfully professed her love for Jim Jones. She eventually said the words started to “flow,” and she was able to tune everything out. When she finally popped the question, a smiling Jim tossed his head back in shock while his mother angrily stormed out. “Let me go one minute,” she said to friends trying to hold her back. Eventually, she said in her confessional that she did not enjoy the surprise and felt that Chrissy should have asked her first before proposing to her son.

Chrissy laughed it off and confessed that since that proposal, many men have cursed her out because their girlfriends have proposed. “Yo, she actually brought me a ring. What I’m supposed to do now” is what they ask her.
As the video wraps up, she recalls him not exactly saying yes but instead, “I’m with you.” She went on to explain that she is a very different person now than she was then. She says that she feels people should be “whole” before getting married and admits that both she and Jones had a lot of work to do. She confesses that she did not expect to be engaged for seven years but that it “works” for them.

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