Christopher B. Duncan Refuse To Speak On Jamie Foxx’s Health Condition: “If I Knew I Still Wouldn’t Say Anything Out Of Respect”

Jamie Foxx fans are still on high alert after weeks of confusing headlines about his health.

The Oscar-winning actor has been off the radar for a concerning amount of time, as various sources claim he has been battling life threaten illness and, at some points, was even expected not to pull through. The details of what is exactly going on with Jamie have been vague, with former cast members confirming that even they do not know what is wrong with him. 

Christopher B. Duncan shared the screen with Jamie Foxx for several seasons of his hit sitcom The Jamie Foxx Show. On there, he played Braxton P. Hartnabrig, Jamie’s “high-strung, stuffed-shirt, bourgeois nemesis,” who was an accountant at the show’s fictional hotel.

Christopher B. Duncan has gone on to work in several other hit shows and played President William Johnson in The First Family and Clarence Weidman on Veronica Mars.

In a recent interview with Comedy Hype, Christopher B. Duncan talked about his time on the Jamie Foxx show and revealed that he and his wife found out, like everyone else, the severity of Jamie’s condition. “When I first heard about it, I thought, ‘ok, I know this is a stressful business,'” Duncan recalls.

He goes on to call his co-star an A-list actor and says he could only imagine the pressure Jamie is under, juggling so many big projects. He assumed Foxx was dealing with stress-related issues until he started hearing more and more in the press.  “Some people think it’s a conspiracy theory that people are out to kill him. Some people are saying it’s the vaccine.”

For Christopher B. Duncan, all that matters is that Jamie Foxx pulls through. “So he can get back to working his magic because that’s what he does. That’s all that matters to me. None of us really know. People ask me every day now. I explain to them; I don’t know. Even if I did know, I wouldn’t say a word about it because it’s a private family business.” 

Christopher B. Duncan says that at the end of the day, Jamie is so much more than an entertainer. “He’s a dad. He’s a close friend to those in his circle.” 

Details regarding Jamie Foxx’s current status are still limited. The actor was recently relocated to Chicago where he’s staying in a rehab facility recovering, according to reports. This information was released one day after Jamie Foxx’s daughter revealed the actor had been out of the hospital for weeks.

In other Jamie Foxx news, the actor and his daughter wll host an upcoming game show after the actor recovers. Jamie Foxx’s daughter Corrine Foxx took to social media to reveal her and her father will be the host of an upcoming game show called ‘Beat Shazam’ premiering in 2024.

We’ll keep you posted as more details become available. Let’s keep Jamie Foxx in our prayers.

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