Claudia Jordan Reacts To Kierra Sheard’s Viral Video

Kierra Sheard continues to get some backlash for her thoughts about sharing her home with friends now that she is a married woman. Many have come out in support of the gospel and Lifetime star, while others feel like Sheard is projecting her insecurities of her marriage onto her friends and not addressing her husband directly. The latest to share their take on it was the ladies of Fox Soul. Claudia Jordan, Vivica A. Fox and LisaRaye McCoy opened up about Sheard’s comments and their personal opinions on it.

The women started the segment by recounting Kierra’s comments. In the interview in question, Sheard said that she would much rather her friends sleep in a hotel than in her home with her husband there. LisaRaye kicked things off by saying that this shouldn’t be a topic if you trust your friends. The wrong friends should not be in your house in the first place. She also believes that this fear is connected to insecurities and that she would never want to watch her back that closely. According to LisaRaye, this has happened to her before, and she had no clue at the time, so it’s not something you can avoid by simply not letting them stay over. If it’s going to happen, unfortunately, it’s going to happen, and that’s why you make sure you’re only bringing friends around and not associates.

Vivica A. Fox agreed to a fault, but also clarified that this is not something she would be dealing with because she values space. Fox says if a friend were to stay over, she would have enough room or another wing of the house for them. She questions if Sheard is maybe in an apartment or a smaller space that is not comfortable enough to share. She then calls it a “double edge” sword and believes Kierra has the right to protect her marriage at all costs. Claudia Jordan’s stance was simple if you cannot trust your husband or your friends, then you are married to the wrong man and those heffas are not your friends. Jordan goes further stating, she can leave all of her friends in her really close circle with anyone because they’ve been ‘prescreened’ after 20 plus years of friendship. The host also claims if your dude is that weak that he would mess with your friends, ‘get him the h*ll outta there.’

Kierra Sheard was aware of some of the backlash of her comments and took to her own IG to clarify what she meant. In her defense, she explains that she was simply asking a question and answering it. She goes on to say that this was not aimed at all her friends or husband and that those she considers close and would have in her home know who they are. She feels that some are interpreting her healthy boundaries and insecurities but assures her fans that this is not the case.

She got a wave of support from her followers who said, “I didn’t see the need for the uproar. Your house rules are exactly what they are. YOUR HOUSE RULES. I feel the same way though. It has nothing to do with insecurities but everything to do with boundaries. We just live in a world that cringes at that word.” Do you think Kierra’s quote was taken out of context?

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