Claudia Jordan Warns Jonathan Majors About Dating White Woman: “You Can’t Get Away With That, With Them”

Jonathan Majors is dealing with the major backlash of his recent drama.

The a-list actor was arrested for allegedly roughing up his lady, who has since reportedly recanted her accounts of the evening. Many have been curious about the woman’s identity and race, with most looking at Majors’ history of dating white women as the reason this is happening to him.

Success black celebrities dating white women is nothing new or unheard of. It is a Hollywood cliche that many of our most beloved talents are not always coming home to a black woman. Claudio Jordan believes this has been Jonathan Majors’ undoing. In an episode of Cocktails with Queens, Jordans says, “you can’t get away with it with them!” When asked to elaborate if she means women or white people, she says, “you got to watch yourself because they’re going to believe your accuser before they believe you.”

The ladies all hilariously sip their tea while listening to her, while commenting about how black men have been historically thrown under the bus since slavery when it comes to issues with white women. Claudio Jordan says she is not against interracial by any means but just feels like black men have to be more responsible when dating a white woman and living in the spotlight.

LisaRaye argues that Jonathan’s interaction with his lady might have been the result of some type of fetish. “It could actually be like one of our next stories. This young lady saw him in the movie and saw him all bodied up and wanted to feel that hand on her throat.”

Majors lawyers are under fire today after trying to help his case but only making it worst. They released text messages from the woman claiming that she would take the full blame for what happened and did not want Majors to get in trouble. Unfortunately, in her same message, she confirms that she had collapsed and passed out, something people did not know before.

One person Tweeted, “all the NYPD said was that they observed minor injuries on her face and neck, but NOW we know she passed out and collapsed too because of those texts.”

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