Colorado Bureau of Investigation Launches Investigation Into The Eldery Abuse Of Actor John Amos

“Good Times” star John Amos has been in the news the last few days in relation to posts made by his daughter Shannon Amos.

According to Shannon, she received a disturbing call in late May that her father was in distress. When she went to visit him, she discovered that he had been a victim of elder abuse. After launching a GoFundMe and alerting the world to his predicament, John Amos has reportedly come forward and refuted any wrongdoing. Now the Colorado Bureau of Investigation has gotten involved. What is really going on with the television vet?

John Amos was reportedly hospitalized in Tennessee due to fluid in his lower body causing heart issues, according to a rep that spoke to TMZ. Once it was drained, John was on his way to feeling better.

His daughter Shannon told fans a different tale, reporting that her daddy was in the ICU. She said he had been abused, and she would be raising money to help pay for lawyers to bring the abusers to justice.

Authorities said they are investigating all claims and have been in contact with Amos and his reps. “We are thoroughly investigating that allegation and have consulted with our partners at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and Department of Human Services,” the Custer County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “We have also been in contact with Mr. Amos and his attorney.”

Mr. Amos’ rep told TMZ on Friday that Shannon was flat-out lying. Belinda Foster represented John Amos and told TMZ that the actor was not being abused, nor was he in ICU.

John released his own direct statement as well through PEOPLE Magazine stating, “want the GoFundMe campaign about me to stop immediately and the funds subsequently returned to those who made donations. My son and I will reveal more information at the appropriate time.”

On her own IG account, Shannon maintains that she is telling the truth. “When you walk in truth and live authentically, no words or lies can break you,” she said in a lengthy post about truth. “Don’t let anyone silence your voice.”

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