Comedian Lil Duval Doesn’t Think Women With Children Should Work: ‘It’s A Full-Time Job Itself’

Lil Duval is using his platform to discuss his thoughts on parenting. The comic is always very vocal on social media about his thoughts, recently revealing that he feels mothers should not have to work. His tweet ignited a conversation over parenting and woman’s roles in the household. “In a perfect world, women with kids shouldn’t be working. That is full job itself.” he tweeted on Nov 3rd. He continued, “I think this one of the reasons balance is off nowadays in our community.” The post was retweeted over 200 times and liked by almost 900 people.

People on Twitter chimed, one controversial opinion stated, “Job? I think not. It’s a choice where the consequences of said choice are having no time to devote to anything else. Is it work? Yes. A job is something you do for money. Being a parent is a labor of love. I’m just saying bro…” Another person said, “Or…men can share the responsibility ??” while someone else added “men panicking” with a gif of Jordan Peele sweating profusely. Another woman added, “Honestly if I didn’t have to work I’d probably have a couple of children. I always saw myself as a full time mom… but I never want to sacrifice my dreams for the sake of having kids… I never understood the “they’re my motivation” type ppl.”

The overall consensus seemed to be divided between women who agree and wish more men were able to take care of their families, while many others wondered why parenting is not 50/50 with both parents sharing equal responsibility. One person even expressed that it takes more than mom and dad and that a full team is needed to raise kids, like a tribe.During the pandemic, an overwhelming amount of parents were forced to stay home with their kids shifting the dynamics in their homes. More parents had to be responsible for their kids 24/7 than ever before and no longer had the additional help of school or nannies.

Very Well Nanny did a study on the pros and cons of stay-at-home moms back in 2019. In it, they noted that the social view of stay-at-home moms does very. While many applaud them for their sacrifice and dedication to their kids, others call them lazy and feel they are not contributing to society. Amongst the pro’s they noted an increase in their children’s school performance and an overall decrease in stress and aggression. Moms also benefit from the social approval of being home with their kids. The cons, however, often women began to desire to return to the workplace. They begin to experience higher levels of stress and anger and could begin to socially isolate themselves since they are mostly alone and with the kids. So while it seems to benefit the children, moms suffer the most. No word on how quarantine and being home for the last year or so has shifted this perspective for some.

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