Comedian Lil Duval Reacts To Claim He’s Currently In Hospital On Life Support Following Horrific Accident

Comedian Lil Duval was recently in an ATV accident that has fans concerned about his wellbeing. Born Roland Powell, Duval was hit by a car that did not see him riding the four-wheeler in the Bahamas. Sources say that he was airlifted by the Trinity Air Ambulance to South Florida and taken for treatment to Jackson Memorial Hospital on Wednesday. He took to Instagram to post about it saying, “Somebody hit me in they car while I was on my four-wheeler. Now my leg broke, and I gotta get flown over to Nassau and have surgery.”

A spokesperson for Duval released a statement following the incident. They said, “Lil Duval was involved in a vehicular accident where a motor vehicle ran into him while riding a 4-wheeler. This accident resulted in a broken hip alongside mild injuries.” the spokesperson continued, “he is in stable condition and is currently being airlifted again, from Nassau to Jacksonville, FL in order to be treated at a local hospital with the capabilities and equipment available to conduct the recommended surgical procedures for recovery.”

Duval has continued to keep fans updated via social media. On the day of the incident, he posted to let everyone know that he was fighting and in a lot of pain but that he received all the love they were sending. “I appreciate everybody checking up on me, but if you call and I don’t pick up, don’t take it the wrong way. I’m really fuk up and can’t move cuz I’m in so much pain.”

The comedian has always been clowned for being small, so in one tweet, he joked, “Somebody asked me what Children’s hospital I’m at?” He did give more serious updates, however, letting everyone know, “I ain’t got no internal bleeding; the doctor said that amazing being that I got hit by a car going full speed,” and “Just got out of surgery. I’m good…I think.” 

One Tweet that threw Duval off was one where a person claimed to be watching a video titled “Comedian Lil Duval on Life Support after Horrific Accident. Prayers Up.” The person captioned it, “They saying some craziness on YouTube smh. Get well soon, @lilduval.” He reported the Tweet and said, “Life support?!?” with several laughing emojis. Several fans commented how wrong it is for people to make such false statements considering Duval has documented so much of his ordeal. “Mane, you know you somebody when they start with the ‘he/she dead or dying’ articles. It’s funny cause this ninja records errthang, so if he was, we’ll know cause he would’ve reported it himself.” 

Many of the fans in his comments were not happy about the conflicting reports and talked about the power of words and how a lot of times, they can come true. Words hold power. I rebuke those words said against  @lilduval in the name of Jesus. Glad to see you’re doing better than the internet want you to be.”  The internet is always trying to kill someone. We wish Duval a speedy recovery. 

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