Comedian Mo’Nique Lends Relationship Advice To Black Women: “Let Your Guard Down”

Actress Mo’Nique is never shy when it comes to discussing her relationship. The Oscar-winning actress is very proud of her marriage dynamic and has been trying to talk about her experience in hopes of helping other women. Mo’Nique has been criticized for calling her man “daddy,” something she recently explained in a conversation with Tamar Braxton. Mo’Nique opens up and expresses her gratitude for her “king,” who she feels has been prepping her to be a proper “queen.”

Mo’Nique has been married to Sidney Hicks for close to ten years. The pair have known each other since they were 14 years old. For most of their marriage, she has received some harsh critiques for how much control and presence she has granted her husband in her career. However, many feel that this union is what spawned the shift in Mo’Nique that has led to her star plummeting in recent years.

While speaking with Tamar Braxton on her podcast Under Construction With Tamar Braxton, Mo’Nique opened up about why she has been so willing to let her husband be the driving force his her career. Mo’Nique talked about how instrumental he was in negotiating her BET talk show deal. She said the network presented her with “the biggest number she had ever seen in her career.” Sydney told her “no.” He told her to walk away from it and made her turn down the two initial offers from the network. She goes on to say that Sydney and her attorney managed to negotiate the largest deal in BET history for the time slot. He expressed that he “knew her worth” and, according to Mo’Nique, loved her when she was at her lowest.

When Tamar asked Mo’Nique for advice, Mo’Nique declined claiming she can’t give advice, she could only tell her story and what she’s been through. As she continued to speak, Mo’Nique turned her attention to black women who are afraid to let it happen.

“When I say to black women, Y’all please; if you have a good one, let your guard down and let it happen. You gon’ hear some [things] that’s going to shock you. Cause when you got a king, he’s gotta prepare you to be the queen. So many of us ain’t got the queen training, so when we get the king we don’t know what to do with it,” Mo’Nique shared.

Tamar chimed in, saying that sometimes people misinterpret this type of dynamic as your man trying to “boss” you. “He’s controlling because he’s protecting you. You less than a woman.” She goes on to say that women don’t understand that he is trying to “help raise you to be the best you can be.”

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