Comedian Mo’Nique Talks Netflix Drama With Tami Roman

Mo’Nique is not done with Netflix. The comedian brought the streaming giant to the front of the congregation in 2018 with claims of discrimination and a lawsuit. Because of her issues with Netflix at the time, Mo’Nique would also speak on the disparities that Black women face while in her fight. She now has more to say on the Netflix drama, as well as the value of Black women today.

Despite being able to view Mo’Nique on Netflix in some of her most famous roles in films and shows like Precious and UPN’s The Parkers, their relationship is strained. Mo’Nique would take to Instagram in January of 2018 with the hopes that her fans would join in boycotting Netflix.

Much like Dave Chappelle, Amy Schumer, Kevin Hart, and more, Mo’Nique claimed that she was offered a deal from Netflix to do a comedy special. However, the amount in comparison to the aforementioned comedians mentioned was significantly lower. The Oscar-Winner also mentioned that Netflix labeled her a “legend” during negotiations, which prompted her to ask, “Then why shouldn’t I get what the legends are getting?” Due to her experience in negotiating with Netflix, she asked fans to take a stand with her.

When the boycott didn’t quite catch on, Mo’Nique took it to court. According to NBC News who obtained court documents, Netflix offered Mo’Nique a “low-ball” deal of $500,000 despite her “extensive resume and documented history of comedic success.” The amount was indeed a “fraction” of her non-Black and female counterparts. “When the talent was not a Black woman, Netflix offered to pay and did pay, astronomically more than it pays to Black women like it offered to Mo’Nique,” the court documents read.

Similarly, comedian Dave Chappelle rallied fans when he asked his fans not to stream The Chappelle Show on Netflix. Chappelle posted an 18-minute special called “Unforgiven” on Instagram where he gave an explanation of his issues with Netflix, including his own qualms with money discrepancies. He begged fans to boycott the show and himself. Due to the outcry and support from fans, Netflix immediately removed the show from its platform.

The difference in Netflix’s action to remedy Chappelle’s case versus Mo’Nique’s claims did not go unnoticed by fans. Mo’Nique spoke with Fox Soul’s Tami Roman on her show “Get Into It with Tami Roman,” where she spoke on the similarities and differences.

“Remember we used to say Black women are at the bottom of the totem pole?” Mo’Nique poses to Roman. She then states, “We’re now under it.” Mo’nique went on to address her previous experience with Tyler Perry and how she felt “overlooked” by her community’s silence. “So when you say, ‘why is the response different?’ It’s because we’re now under the totem pole,” she added. “We’re not even at the bottom — that’s why[…] If we stay silent, it’ll just go away, and we’ll let the Black community tear her apart. Y’all know how we do each other. We don’t have to say nothing.”

You can watch the full exchange below. Skip ahead to the 22:00 mark for Mo’Nique’s thoughts on Netflix.

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