Comedian Tiffany Haddish Has Words For People Believing They Can Cancel Her Or Her Career

Tiffany Haddish is moving past the troubling accusations that derailed her career in recent months. Despite settling out of court and the family releasing a statement in her defense, many people are still hoping to keep Haddish’s career on ice following her participating in a terrible sketch starring Aries Spears. However, the comedian is letting the world know – no one can cancel her or her career.

It’s been a little under a month since Tiffany Haddish was able to come to a resolution between herself and the family that claimed she and Aries Spears groomed two young children during the unthinkable 2014 sketch. The woman who filed it is one of the underaged children in question. She dropped her claims with prejudice last month, meaning she cannot refile. The family also released a statement afterward, absolving Haddish of any wrongdoing and calling the whole thing a “misunderstanding.” “We wish Tiffany the best and are glad that we can all put this behind us,” they said in their statement, completely leaving Spears out.

Haddish has not said much-following everything being resolved but has opened up about how she is basically restarting her career. Despite some upcoming projects on her IMDB, including Disney’s Haunted Mansion, Haddish says that the lawsuit ruined all her upcoming work. “I’ve got no jobs!” she told TMZ while exiting an airport. Despite this, she was in good spirits and seemed keen to rebuild her brand.

Unfortunately for Haddish, the public’s opinion of her may be beyond repair. Many people are upset at her for even participating in the sketch in the first place. While some have tried to defend her choices as a struggling actress, others have pointed out that her pension for off-color humor has followed her into the mainstream.

Some fans found footage of her joking about hitting on someone’s underaged son during a “bring your child to work” day. Another dug up an interview between her and Marlon Wayans where Marlon explained how Tiffany’s sense of humor can often be too much on set. He pointed out how she’s farted on co-stars and does not know how to be serious.

Haddish is soldiering forward and not letting anything get in the way of her comeback. Cardi B celebrated her 30th birthday party yesterday, and several people thought it was weird that she invited Tiffany Haddish. In her first public appearance since resolving things with the family, many people were simply not happy to see Haddish back outside and enjoying her life. “Cardi B invited Tiffany Haddish to her birthday party. [expletive] got to stick together, I guess,” said one fan.

Others criticized her for coming to the burlesque-themed event underdressed, in a cheetah print button-up and black pants. “She looks a MESS!! she about 60 or what. Looking like an alcoholic,” said one fan. Other people said she looked like she was on drugs. Haddish is not here for the hate and casually lets fans know they will not be able to get rid of her that easily. “Only one cancel me is God!” she said in response to another post from herself about God “redecorating” her life. Haddish says the change has been uncomfortable, but now she embraces it.

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