Comedian Tiffany Haddish’s New Year Is Off To Bumpy Start

Tiffany Haddish’s 2022 isn’t starting off too well, it seems. According to multiple reports, the last few weeks have not been the greatest for the comedian and actress. The most recent misfortune to happen to Haddish occurred as late as January 14th, resulting in an unfortunate arrest.

Last year ended for the Girls Trip star with a break-up from her one-year-long relationship with rapper Common. Around Thanksgiving 2021, the Chicago native spoke to Jason Lee’s Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored on Fox Soul concerning the break-up. Although Common called Tiffany Haddish “one of the best people” he’s met within his lifetime, and he claims that their relationship was “probably the most mature relationship I’ve been in,” Common claims it was ultimately unable to be fed.

Upon catching wind of Common’s comments concerning their break-up, Tiffany Haddish appeared on the same platform to speak her piece. Speaking to Jason Lee, Haddish stated that her ex-lover’s words left her feeling “disappointed.” “I was like, ‘Oh. Okay,” the actress shared, “‘Cause that’s not what you told me, but Okay.'”

Born in Los Angeles, California, Tiffany Haddish recently gained a fantastic opportunity to visit her father’s homeland. The actress’s father, Tsihaye Reda Haddish, was an Eritrean refugee. In 2019, Haddish visited Eritrea and filed for, and was granted, Eritrean citizenship during their anniversary celebrations which marked their independence.   Recently, Haddish took a trip back to Eritrea to visit her grandfather’s village, where she received what she said was a “warm” welcome. While there, Tiffany Haddish was reportedly gifted a piece of land as it is her birthright. However, the gesture of the village men and women apparently did not sit right with people on social media.  

One Twitter user shed light on land being taken away from Eritrean families “for no reason” and claimed that most of them are “freedom fighters.” Another wrote on Twitter, “There are 300,000.00 Eritrean refugees in Sudan who deserve to return to Eritrean and get a piece of land like Tiffany Haddish.” In response to that tweet, another labeled it the “worst PR disaster of our time.” On top of the criticism that she’s faced for her Eritrean visit, Tiffany Haddish is dealing with multiple personal losses. Outside of her relationship, Haddish is in the middle of grieving the deaths of her grandmother that raised her and her dog.

Four days ago, Haddish shared a picture of producer Carl Craig, who recently passed away. In an emotional tribute shared to Instagram, Haddish immediately revealed that his passing brought her “hurt.” Stating that they first met in 2004, Haddish shared that their initial meeting consisted of constant laughter. From there, the friendship would only escalate. “…You taught me so much about this business,” captioned the comedian. “You protected me, pushed me, Scolded me, advised me, and congratulated me.”

On the same day, Haddish also shared an emotional tribute to comedian and actor Bob Saget, who passed away as well. Talking to Extra, she shared how deeply sad she is due to all the losses. Underneath a slideshow of memories with her and Saget, Haddish touched on how much she will miss one of her “1st Great teachers.” “You have brought so much joy to this planet,” wrote Tiffany Haddish. She credits the late Full House actor for making her always feel “safe and worthy” and believes he is now in heaven, “making God and the angels laugh.”

Perhaps all that is torturing the actress’s soul currently is why she was taken in custody for a DUI on January 14th. Multiple reports state that the incident occurred around 2:30 am in Peachtree City, Georgia.   Officials at the department were alerted to a driver asleep at the wheel on Highway 74. Once authorities found the car matching the description, they noticed Haddish was the vehicle’s driver. Within the traffic stop, officials proceeded to conduct an investigation. In an email from the assistant chief for Peachtree City Police Department, Matt Myers stated that Tiffany Haddish was “arrested for Driving Under the Influence.” Reports show that the On The Count Of Three actress was booked “without incident” at the Fayette County Jail. The comedian was later released on bond.

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