Concerns For Wendy Williams Health Continues After New Heartbreaking Video Of Talk Show Host Goes Viral

There has been an overwhelming concern for media maven Wendy Williams as of late. The former daytime talk show host and radio personality has been making the rounds with various media appearances lately to not only prove she is doing well, but to promote new and potential upcoming projects. However, fans outwardly express that she may need help and question whether she’s physically or mentally fit to pursue any endeavors.

Since 2021, Wendy Williams has been on a sabbatical for some time from television screens. She’s been dealing with health issues for some years, including Graves disease and lymphedema. But judging from recent video clips, interviews, and claims from family members, things don’t seem to be going all that well for Williams.   Take, for instance, her June interview with TMZ Live. Wendy Williams used the opportunity to share that she was gearing up to launch a brand new podcast. First, however, she gave an update and shared that she could only feel “5% percent of her leg” due to her battle with lymphedema. Williams, at one point, proceeded to raise her leg to show it to the viewing audience, and fans also noticed that she appeared out of it.

One fan took to Twitter and described the interview as a “trainwreck.” They also questioned her actions, such as revealing her swollen foot, “slurring her words,” and other erratic behavior.   Another fan issued that she was saddened by the interview and wrote they were “taken aback” by Wendy Williams lifting her leg. They also criticized the TMZ hosts for their lack of concern “enough to not air her” in that state.

Another example of Wendy Williams concerning her fans happened when a TikTok video showed her with a group of people, one being her new manager, Will Selby, at a strip club for his birthday. Williams appeared wide-eyed and slightly erratic, which fans pointed out on social media.

“Oh lordt what’s going on with miss Wendy,” commented a fan. Others began to call out her manager, while many offered prayers for the talk show host underneath the video.

A recent video has surfaced on social media showing Wendy Williams in a car being videotaped by some fans. In the clip, Williams shows off her “gigantic ring” while fans show her love. They then ask her to give a few words to the camera, to which she begins to appear lost. Finally, Wendy Williams starts to speak about an unnamed man who she claimed was purchasing items, while her eyes seem to wander. Fans reacted with intense concern. While many suggested that she may be “on [substances] again,” one fan commented that her appearance doesn’t look like it needed the assistance of outside substances.

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