Cory Hardrict Reacts To News Tia Mowry Is Divorcing Him, While The Internet Begins Pulling Old Clips Of The Couple

Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict announced they are separating today after 14 years of marriage. Tia is said to have filed for divorce on Tuesday, October 4th, citing irreconcilable differences. She immediately took to social media to announce the split, with Cory remaining silent on the matter. Now he has finally reacted after fans began pulling videos online of old interviews.

Tia and Cory had a beautiful Hollywood love story. Already an accomplished actress, Tia befriended Cory after seeing him at the bus stop following a film shoot together. She drove him home, and the two hit it off, taking a very slow and steady approach to dating. They courted each other for an entire year. People loved how Tia supported Cory as he became an actor in his own right and have followed along with the couple as they built their family and worked on various projects together.

Fans who were blindsided by the couple’s separation began revisiting some of those projects they did together and noticing how Cory was mean and constantly annoyed with Tia. In one video, Cory gets visibly upset when Tia speaks over him, despite the pair talking about what it takes to be in love. While discussing how marriage is hard work, he whispered to her, “let me finish,” She apologized but looked hurt.

In another clip from the same interview, he complained about how she got on his nerves and tried to play it off with a laugh. “You get on my damn nerves!” she fired back. Other fans recall how he wiped his lips after she kissed him on their reality show and made inappropriate comments about her twin Tamara’s figure. “He was extremely nice to Tamera. Tamera had to go pick him up cause Tia was tryna surprise him & he commented on Tamera’s a** being fat when she walked in.”

One fan said, “I just know Cory Hardrict is the reason why he & Tia Mowry are getting a divorce, idk how but I just do. Tia was that man’s ride-or-die, his biggest cheerleader & loved him out loud. I’ve always felt like she could’ve chosen better, tbh. Now he gotta go & get an actual JOB.”

While some fans believe that Cory seemed miserable the whole relationship, others think Tia might have been the issue. Some fans reshared clips of their Tiktok challenges and pointed out how Cory looked like he was “in hell.” You can see him visibly annoyed in a blooper reel where Tia keeps messing up the take. One fan pointed out, “Man listen, I respect her for being able to continue to be herself despite him being a fun sucker and seemingly annoyed. She didn’t allow him to dim her light, and that’s not easy.”

Cory has yet to respond but took to social media to share a meme to his story that read, “acting off emotion will cost you everytime.” Fans commented on this, saying, “We knew it was going to happen. In that last interview with him, she seemed over it! Praying for their family.”

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