Cory Hardrict Still Repping His Beautiful Wife, Despite Tia Moving Completely On With Her Life

Tia Mowry seems to be happier than she’s ever been since announcing her divorce. The Netflix star has been using social media to brand her new life, even stopping by Hoda and Jenna to discuss how divorce feels like graduation and how she is prepping to put herself first going forward. For husband, Cory Hardrict, it is a bit different. The father of two seems to be still riding with his lady despite her setting herself free. 

Tia is not showing any signs of turning back. She recently opened up about her decision to walk away from marriage, calling her union with Cory a “success” even though they will not grow old together. Tia says that real success in marriage should not be measured by years but through accomplishments and memories. She goes on to say that the split has allowed her to feel like she is free and putting herself first.  The actress compares the end of her marriage as a syllabus in school and graduating when you’re done.

This echoes sentiments shared on her social media. Tia frequently reshares posts about self-care, restarting, and “me time.” She also took to showing off a lot more, modeling outfits and hairstyles. In one post, she shared how she keeps herself centered through all the change. “With new chapters come anxiety, uncertainty, and fear. Having a routine helps me clear my mind and hit the reset button,” she said in the caption of a video collage showing her starting her day with a long shower, tea, and journaling in her backyard. “When I can savor a slow start, it’s easier for me to practice my daily gratitudes, be more productive and focused, and thus, be the better version of myself. 🙏🏽❤️ #SelfCareIsntSelfish.” 

While she’s flooded her page with images of her new life, Tia has not completely purged it of Cory and still has pictures and videos up of him from several months ago. Fans continue to comment under them as recently as this week, sending the couple prayers and commenting on how happy they looked. “You guys need to work it out, talk, and continue to be strong; so sad that you guys are ending 😢 you guys love each other so deeply,” said one person. Another responded, “Put God first; he can get you through anything. Pray and trust the outcome.”

Cory also has pictures of his estranged wife on his account. Despite the divorce being announced over month now, fans continue to comment on Cory’s post wishing his ‘beautiful wife’ a happy Birthday. Compared to the response Tia is receiving on Instagram, Cory is receiving different energy. People seem to be trying to give him advice on winning his lady back or, worst, telling him to move on as well. “This is what happens when you love them too hard and place them on a pedestal. She thinks she is better than you. Don’t do it, men, if she ain’t doing the same. 🤷🏾‍♂️” said one person.

Many people were trying to figure out what could’ve happened between July (when the image was shared) and October when divorce was announced. “This was only 15 weeks ago, after 14 YRS of marriage. Forever doesn’t mean anything to a man whose willing to give up on his woman,” said another.  Some fans were called out for giving marriage advice. In the age of social media, it is customary for people to delete all their exes’ pictures once they split, so it is unclear why they have not removed the images yet or if this should signify them getting back together anytime soon. 

Despite the image being published 19 weeks ago, fans continue to storm the post daily.

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